I would like to hear your alls different responses with what truck in order...1st out, 2nd out ect..
Here are ours......
*Accident negative injuries- Engine 231 or rescue 234
*Accident with injuries/entrapment-Engine 231 and Rescue 234
*Possible Structure Fire- Engine 232, engine 236,Tanker 233, utility 237, Tower 230
*Mutual Aid for manpower-Engine 232 and Utility 237
*Natural Diasaster- Engine 231
*Suspicious odors/investigations-Engine 232 or Utility 237
*Brush Fire-Tanker 233 and/or Engine 232 w/ utility 237
*Move ups/ in house standby-Engine 232 and utility 237
*Box alarms-Tower 230,Engine 232, and utility 237
*Medical Calls-Engine 231/ Rescue 234/ Utility 237/POV's

You can refer to my pics to get images of all these trucks

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QRS-Utility 538 and Rescue 537 as needed for rescue and manpower
In township Structure Fires, and vehicle fire- Engine 532, Eng. 531, Rescue 537 and Utility 538
Mutual-Aid Structure Fires-Apparatus as requested
In Township Brush Fires-Rescue 537 with Brush Unit, Eng. 532 and Engine 531
Mutual-Aid Brush Fires- Rescue 537 and Brush Trailer
M.V.A.'s Rescue 537, Engine 532 and Utility 538
Depending on the type of call, I would think most departments
would have the same responce.
EMS: med 6, MVA:med 6, engine 1, structure fire 2 engines, 2 tankers, 1 med unit, brush fire: 2 brush trucks

paid dept; EMS: 1 engine, 1 med unit, structure fire: 4 engines, 1 ladder, 2 chiefs, 1 med unit, fan truck, MVA w/o entraptment: 1 med unit, 1 engine, MVA w/ entrapment: 2 engine, 1 med unit, 1 chief
Structure Fire: Engine-1, Tanker-5 (Rural), Ladder-6, Rescue-7, Ambulance-8 or 8A, Mini-4 to fill site.
Vehicle Fire: Engine-1, Tanker-5, Rescue-7.
MVA: Engine-1, Rescue-7, Ambulance-8, Ambulance-8A
Brush Fire: Mini-4, Tanker-5, Rescue-7, Engine-1, ATV-1, ATV-2, Brush Trailer.
Gas Calls/Odor: Rescue-7, Engine-1, Ambulance-8 or 8A.
Trees/Power Lines Down: Rescue-7, Mini-4.
Chimney Fire: Ladder-6, Rescue-7, Engine-1, Tanker-5(Stand By)
Off Road Rescue: ATV-1, ATV-2, Mini-4, Rescue-7, Ambulance-8 or 8A.

Engine-1: E-One/IH 1250gpm/1000gwt. 5 Pre-Connects.
Mini-4: GMC/Ward 475gpm/300gwt 3 Pre-Connects.
Tanker-5: E-One/IH 1250gpm/2200gwt 2 Pre-Connects.
Ladder-6: Spartan/LTI 75' 1500gpm/300gwt 2 Pre-Connects.
Rescue-7: Young/Ford Heavy Rescue
Ambulance-8: Wheeled Coach/IH
Ambulance-8A: MedicMaster/Ford.
ATV-1: Polaris/Kimtec 6X6
ATV-2: Arctic Cat Quad
This is West Frankfort's
Accident negative injuries , A1 or A2 depends first out that week
Accident with injuries/entrapment ,A1 or A2 depends first out that weak and squad 1 eng 1 for blocker
Possible Structure Fire, E1 ,E2 conformed fire will be mutual aid crew if more than 1 story. ladder 1
Mutual Aid for manpower ,E1
Natural Disaster, this is a all hands on with what we have
Suspicious odors/investigations ,E1
Brush Fire,eng 4, gaiter 1, and 2 also E2
Move ups/ in house standby, same as mutual aid
Box alarms ,what the mabis card ask for
Medical Calls,. A1 OR A2
first responder calls if A1 and A2 are out on call E1 will run first responder
Accident neg injuries- Rescue7,Engine73 or Squad7
Accident w/ entrapment- R7,E73,Sq7
Poss Structure Fire-E72,E73,Tanker7,R7,Sq7
R.I.T.-R7 or Sq7
Mutural Aid man pwr- Rescue/Air7 or Sq7
Natural Diaster-E72
Suspicious odors-E72,R7 (depending on call)
Brush Fire- Brush7,T7,Sq7
EMS asst-Sq7 or R7
oh ours is simple
any type of call t887

with all of those vehicles im not jealous MUCH
Ours is simple...

EMS - Ambulance 1 or 2

Fire calls - Engine 1 or 2, Tanker 3, and Ambulance 1 or 2

Air Craft Emergencies - Whatever is at that air field
All of the following are first alarm assignments.

Medical- 6463 ALS Brush unit
MVC/MVA- 6401 (engine) 6434 (light rescue) staff vehicles w/manpower optional. 6405 (engine) or 6465 (BLS staff vehicle) (for east district)
Structure Fire/Fire Alarm- 6401, 6403, 6405 (engines), 6442 ("tender"/tanker), 6451 (chief). Auto aid 7704, 7706 (engines), 7744 (tender), 7753 (Bat Chief).
Tecnical Rescue-Rescue 4 (rescue boat for water rescue), 6434 (light rescue), 6463 (ALS/Brush unit), staff vehicles for manpower. 6451 (chief)
Wildfire- 6442 (tender), 6462, 6463 (brush units), 6403 (engine), 6451 (chief). Auto aid- 7764, 7766 (brush units), 7744 (tender), 7753 (Bat Chief)
Misc Fire calls (car fires, gas leaks, etc)- 6401 (engine)

Auto aid we provide

MVA/MVC- 6465 (BLS staff vehicle), 6434 (light rescue)
Structure Fire- 6401 (engine) 6442 (tender)
Wildfire- 6462 (brush unit), 6442 (tender)

Takes a lot of units to get the manpower, it's very common to have units with 1 member though we try to get better staffing standards when we can.
Car crash-Engine 40 or Squad 49 (depends on the weather).
Structure Fire- Engine 40 followed by Engine 42, then Tanker 45.
Mutual Aid (in town)- Same as above.
Mutual Aid (rural)- Tanker 45, followed by either engine (usually 40).
First Responder/EMS- Squad 49.
Misc. pump details, pick up hose, etc.- Squad 43 or Squad 49.

Our trucks
Engine 40- 2006 HME Silverfox 2200 GPM w/CAFS
Engine 42- 1998 HME 1500 GPM (Four Guys body)
Squad 43- 2006 Ford F-350 4x4 (Stock pickup)
Tanker 45- 1991 International ('77 Four Guys 1800 gallon body)
Squad 49- 2008 GMC Mini pumper 750 GPM 4x4 (Palmetto rescue body)
4221- 2007 HME 1250 pump 1200 tank 1100' of 4"
4222- 1995 KME 1250 pump 750 tank, extrication and hazmat equipment
4231- 2001 Four Guys/International 500 PTO pump 2,000 gallon, two dump tanks(2100,3000gals)
4261-1987 jeep wrangler 85 gallons 15 GPM pump

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