Everyone gets a nickname at the department, whats yours?? Mine is MIGHTY MIDGET!!!Jeremys is DUCKY!!! I gave that one to him!!

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I've had a few...Mr Sniff, The FanMan, MetalMatt, Junior
Rugrat, and Midget
that is really funny and I hope you dont mind but im going to use this we got a guy on our department that is the same way I really like this : )
They Call Me Big D

Guess because Im A big Ol Boy and The First Letter of my name is D I guess : ) that or they talked to me Ex girl Friend Ha Ha Ha Ha lol jk
mine is "BooBoo" like Yogi bear's sidekick
Kristina's is "Barbie" from scrubs - cuz she looks alot like th blonde doctor
Ally's is "Mighty Mite"
Heath's is "Bunny"
Matt is "McSexy"
Mike is "Old Man" cuz he's 3 years from retirement
Jordan's is "Sunshine" cuz he kinda looks like the dude from remember the titans

and theres no other real nicknames from the rest of them
Ive been called Zoom, Sparky, Fireboy,....we got a guy that we call PoppaBear. LOL At one point we had nicknamed a chief God lol buts that whole nother story.
Bulldog/Grizz/Tank it all boils down to one time I drug three Firemen up a hill during a training exercise that were attached to My gut belt with some webbing using hands and feet an One person said I looked like a big tank coming up the hill another guy said I looked just like his bulldog the third said damn what a grizzly bear It just depends on who ya ask I reckon.
I'm "The Knierim" (Knierim is my last name, and one of the guys just started calling me "The Knierim.")

Howard is "Beeker" after the muppet with crazy orange longish hair (just like Howards!)

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