The most obvious answer(s) would be dying, being trapped, LODD's, etc, but I think all of us have some other little fears in the fire service such as:

- Being I.C. at a massive incident
- Heights
- Water rescue (maybe because you can't swim real well)

Mine would have to be pump operations. It's maybe not a "fear", but a lack of confidence in operating the truck the way it should be for the incident at hand.

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No you probably wont even feel the splat when you bounce off the pavement. LOL I know what you mean thought i dont like being up more than like 2 stories.
Mine is that something might happen to my crew, injury or worse. I as a officer and friend, want to make sure that my crew goes home after each run to their families. We have to also remember to fear everything we do just alittle, if you dont it will get you sooner or later. Trust in God and your gut.
I don't know... there are a lot of things to be afraid of... but I'm not a fan of heights/ladders, I'm comfortable with the second story, but anything above that and esp. roofs make me pretty nervous. Also not a fan of small spaces, too easy to get stuck. But, I think at the top of the list is failing... failing to save someone, being the weakest link in my crew, letting one of my little personal fears get in the way...
I didn't call you a liar, I said you might be telling a lie.

And besides, it's not humanly possible to be completely fearless.
Roofs not heights just roofs why i dont know?

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