Looking for workout ideas for the firehouse. Unfortunately we do not have updated workout equipment and I am looking to find info on different workout ideas using general things around the station house.

I.E....hose rolls, fire extinguishers.

I am looking to get weight lifting idea so to speak, we do have enough for cardio, but we don't have anything to use as far as lifting a decent amount of weight. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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Many workouts today focus on higher intesity and use body weight as opposed to more typical resistence focused workouts. Meaning, think more along the lines of boot camp and less in the terms of Mr. Universe. There is much one can do that is body resistance from push ups, air squats, burpees, etc and doing workouts like say 10 burpees, followed by 15 pushups, followed by 20 squats, then say 15 lunges each leg and then hold a plank for 30 seconds....you get a heart racing workout (taking care of cardio)...rest about 90 seconds and do it again, for like 3 to 4 sets....you find you can accomplish quite a bit.

I agree with John Crabbe. Workouts that involve push ups, body squats, planks and wall sits are great for building muscle. In my college fitness class they specialize in training firefighters for endurance and muscle building. We do a lot workouts that involve the above workout I listed. We also run up and down stairs a lot, it's a great way to get your cardio and muscle build up in one go. It's definitely something you can do anywhere and anytime. Hope you find a workout that works for you.   

I agree totally with both prior comments, in that your workout can be more based on plyometric strength conditioning as well as good cardio, to keep your crew lean, strong, and ready for battle with minimal potential for injury. If you really want some " fun" relays... Place a hotel bundle at one end of your parking lot, and haven them don their helmets and gloves while traveling to it, then caring it back in lunges to the next man waiting. Hand it off and so on. Repeat this with sets of stairs involved, if you like. :-) 

We do all bodyweight exercises at my station.   Pushups, squats, stair climbs, sledge hammer strikes on a tire and pull ups.  This will give you functional strength.  Never mind the beach muscles.  Good luck!

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