Our department is looking into replacing our 1979 Dodge patrol unit. We need something not too big that can handle tight turns on a mountain side but will be used for initial responce but also used as a small rescue unit to get people down from the local hill area that has frequent calls for people on hikes that can not make it down due to heat or injury. Any suggestions on what to look at? We are located in Souther California in Riverside.

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we just got an f350 (im not a ford fan)but for a wildland fuel truck it seems to be working okay just get the right tires for it, i have yet to drive it but when i do ill let you know how it works mind you ours is for fuel and towing an ATV to the fire its rearly if ever in the woods and only sometimes on a dirt road, but i would think that most 1-tons would do okay with a skid in the back
I run a Type 6 engine with the Oregon Dept of Forestry. Anymore I'm seeing that most pickups have been re-engineered well enough to take tight turns very well. My Type 6 is a 2007 F-450 with 300 gals of water and an outboard pump. Our latest generation of units are Dodge 5500s with 400 gals of water and outboard pumps. I've heard the change is because of the maintenance concerns for state fleet mechanics on the Fords. All of our units are 2 dr standard cab units, diesel, 4x4s, etc. ODF has ran dually chassis' for over 20 years and no thoughts on changing from them.

I've tried upload pics but I'm having trouble with them. Should be 1 or 2 on my profile page.
Oh! and if you're looking for a way to carry patients, you're gonna have to get a crew cab which will reduce the desire for handling "tight turns."
I am pushing for a F450 truck with a skid pump and modify something to hold a backboard.
I go straight to F-550, the extra 100 gallons we pack on our Type 6s makes a world of difference. My vol dept runs an ALS Type 6 for general medicals and has a backboard wedged between a crosslay box and the headache rack and secured with a short chain. I have seen some creative depts built a carrier and slip it between the cab and service body, or the fire dept's older Type 6s had raised racks to store them on, just enough to clear the hose reel and fill spouts.

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