Hey everybody, just joined my local volunteer department and was issued my pager.  It's a Motorola Minitor V.  I have it on "B" where I can hear county wide calls.  When I clip it on my belt I start getting random bursts of fuzz.  The fuzz bursts go away when I switch back to "A", which is for our department only.  Any idea? 

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Chief, its pretty annoying! I have friends on all the departments around here and I like to know when they're out on a call. I guess I'll just have to mind my own business and stay on A!
Dispatch maybe. Or something is hitting the reset button.
If you live near a repeater tower that will do it. And different things in the house , car or stores such as electronics and security devices do it.
I have the same type of pager (Minitor V).
On mine,
"A" is "Pager only" mode (speaker opens only when pager alerts)
"B" is "Monitor and alert" where you hear all the traffic on the frequency and if my tones drop, it alerts.
"C" is just like "A" but vibrates instead.
"D" is not assigned.

When on "B", I get the occasional "fuzz burst" but it is usually as a result of interference from a nearby electronic device. For example, when I walk up to the cash register at any store, the debit machine causes this. When I switch to "A" it stops.

Depending on the weather, I will get a little bit of breakthrough (on "B") from distant transmitters on the same frequency that we never usually hear.

Don't know if this helps in your search for answers.

For us channel B is our vibrate only feature, C is our open channel.

I get a lot of fuzz when i walk by electronics.

Don't put your cell phone by your pager, maybe in the other pocket (or on the other side of your hip if you have a case)

Ipods, game consuls and anything that can use wifi seem to disrupt my pager when on open.
ours are "A" alerts to our tones only, "B" county wide moniter, alerts to our tones, "C" same as "A" but vibrates, and "D" same as "B" but vibrates

mine gets that fuzz from time to time on all 4 settings, and its a Minitor V
Actually it has to do with your Centrals (911) 2 tone paging tones , when you are on "A" the squelch only opens up when your paging tones are transmited and heard by your pager. (Dept. A) Hence no interference noise, however when you are on "B" you have no PL or CTCS or 2 tone paging, (your listening to any Dept.) and any interferaence in the area will make noise on your pager. Nothing you can do about it. You have to pick weather you want to hear all depts. or not.

Its just the nature of the beast.

It could also be someone that is keying up their mic on accident. Our PD officers accidently did that when they stepped in and out of their units and the key button would hit the seat belt clip or etc.
i get it too but it is when the pager is close to the computer, laser printer, flouescent lights etc. sounds like electrical interference
We get that sometimes too and we have figured out that scrolling signs for businesses and electronics from gas stations will do it. Otherwise you could be getting a little bit of skip.
My Minitor 2 will open up on monitor if it gets close to my router. I have to keep it on alert. Might be a harmonic frequency or something. We are on VHF high band.
I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one. Seems like most everyone has the issue. I've only had it a couple days, so I'll get used to it!

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