i have been on this site for a month and all i have seen from some fire fighter that thay dont wont us around as exploers all thoght thay dont know how much we help them

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Hey Timothy, Ever heard the saying, "there's one in every crowd"? Well it's those that we are having a hard time with. The general junior public is not picked out, it's only the one's that are giving you all a bad name?
Don't worry, it will calm down soon.
thanks guys
I feel as if im in high school again!!!!!!
Hi IWIHHB, First off, your music list is pretty cool. I'm leaving it on using another tab, thanks for the mix. Anyway, you asked a pretty straight forward question, so I'll take another chance and hope my insight helps to answer your questions. Please don't take any of this in a negative way. My personal opinion, which is important to state up front is that I support FFJR's, even though they don't exist where I work.

I also support volunteer firefighters even though I have never worked as one. I have been involved with EMS/Fire Service since 1973... and currently am a Fire Captain, hopefully retiring very soon. I've also had the chance to develop more of a global perspective on the fire service, teaching hazmat related topics nationally to a lot of different fire departements across the country and Hawaii.

So, what's my perspective on FFJR's and volunteers have in common? Both are true unselfish committments from individuals who want to make sure their communities are protected. I think that is pretty cool putting yourself in harms way, without having any of the safeguards that I enjoy working as a full time professional firefighter.

My goal here on the FFN is to share and help smaller departments, and fire explorer's and FFJR's learn more about this profession.

With that said, one of the first most noticeable things about J&E posts are that they are treated no differently than a facebook or text message post. Spelling and punctuation do count here because it helps get what it is that you are asking across to the reader.


why do the fire fighters not like exploers


Why do fire fighters on the FFN not like explorer's?

I'm not going to say a word about spelling because I recently had to switch from my mac to a pc. The mac underlines any mispelled word. You are on your own with a pc...

As far as capital letters, I generally don't use much punctuation because I have an issue with my hands going to sleep and it is a pain to make the extra effort, you however don't have that excuse... :D

There's a bunch of other stuff to consider but if you are sincere in your questions and posts, you won't have any problems with any of the FFN membership. We are here to help you out. Just ask.

On a side note, one of my daughters just walked in and asked me, "where did you get that music, I didn't know you were into that... I like that, I can't believe my Dad is listening to what I like..." You got to know I ran with it telling her a tall tale about how whoever it was was a close friend of mine, we were just like... that! I'm getting good mileage off your playlist, thanks again.

My best,
I see the same thing you see. I have however noticed that it is due to the actions of a few. It all goes with the saying one bad apple spoils it for the bunch.
Just be you. If you're here to learn...learn. Ask questions, start threads on topics that interest you. Here's the thing, most people on this site are tired of the back and forth bickering and whining about the jr/explorer thing. Before that it was the volunteer/paid thing. I think how it breaks down is this....about %5 of the volunteers on this site whined and played the cliches over and over and over...now %5 of the jr's/explorers are doing the same thing.

As an explorer, do the same thing I did a few months back as a volunteer...just don't be one of the whiners. The comments and sentiments towards the jr's/exploers that are causing the ruckus are just that...comments and sentiments towards THOSE PARTICULAR jr's/explorers. Don't take it personally, I didn't when it was the MINORITY of volunteers making the ruckus. Nobody who takes this site seriously cares what status/rank/career/volunteer/new/old/salty/ whatever you are...as long as you aren't a pain in the ass and use this site as it's intended to be used.

One final note...and here's where some will disagree with me, so take it for what it's worth...I personally believe if you are so interested in things like what blue lights you have on your car and so forth, go for it...this is a learning AND social network, so I believe you should be allowed to discuss whatever you'd like. Some think those conversations are dumb...I'm one of them. However, I simply don't read those threads. As far as the paragraph before this one, I think almost everyone will tell you the same thing in one way or another.

Welcome to FFN, you will learn alot here, both through other members, threads, and links to other very useful websites. This site WILL make you a better firefighter, IF you use it correctly.

Well My opinion is that I look towards the explorers in my town with admiration. I was not intrested in helping out my community back when I lived in the Highest crime rated city in the usa. (Camden n.j.) I see jr FF or explorers as the future of great adults. they will have experienced a "public safety" version of helping their community and hopefully take that with them wherever they go in life. My dept supports JR FF's and so do I.
i think you will find that over all you will get an amazing amount of support and this site will be a valuable resource,if you use it properly. When you get an answer think about it and appreciate it. You have a lot to learn and will only do so if you accept the advice and learn from it. Don't expect to be an equal and to be respected until you have earned it,and I'M SURE YOU WILL.
That being said I ask that you read over what you have written and see if maybe you couldn't have composed a better message both grammatically and with better spelling. Proof read and spell check what you post and people will better understand what you are asking and will be able to answer you more appropriately Thanks for your interest and good luck in the future.
whats an exploer?
is this a trick question FETC? it's a vehicle, right?

no it a jr fire fighter
No it a jr firefighter ?????????? Why do we bother!

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