why do so many firefighters die in building fires ?, dangerous practices or just unlucky?.

Am I right in thinking that you guys open up the roof and ventilate buildings when you have guys inside searching and fighting the fire?. Is that how the two Houston lads died because the fire intensified very quickly when fresh oxygen was introduced?. Now please don't think I sit here in judgement, I just don't understand why you guys lose so many firefighters. The agressive ventilation tactics just dont happen in my country. If anyone was to open up a roof while a fire raged below and there were guys fighting the fire/searching in the building,then they would be sacked. Maybe we don't understand your tactics,but it just seems a very dangerous practice. I would like your thoughts on this topic please,because every week I see there are more dead firefighters.

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Maybe also add "Attitude".

The attitude that we MUST go interior has to change....

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