just wondering why because that stereotype thing got me wondering so anybody got any ideas i wont take offense to any of them there ansewers yall might give to me hahahaha jk lol

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Could be worse...up here in the Northeast we get referred to as a bunch of DRUNKS.....
I didn't mean to start a war here. Until jack/dt made his remarks about 'blue collar' and started with the name calling did I get fired up. Name calling is petty and juvenile. I was just trying to state that Rednecks are easy going people who don't care about your social status. Blue collar, if you remember is the term for the working class that don't have office type jobs. The backbone of this country. I don't know what set him off, or where his bullshit comment came from. If it was from my description of the people I work with, then it's his problem. I was just stating facts, not acting on "suspicions."

His suspicions of people from Texas, and the south in general, are the result of the media portraying us that way. Not everyone down here has a long drawl, oil well, horse, six shooter, or any of the things we are portrayed as. Most people are friendly and hospitable. Just don't stereotype us, we do take offense. I didn't say anything bad other than to call them yankees, which I believe is from the time of the Civil War. Come down and visit sometime, your attitude will change.

The member of our department that has the 'upity' job has a sales job, the rest do hands on type work, electricians, pipe fitters, metal shop foreman, paramedic(me), firefighter, students, teachers, etc. We don't have the bickering that they think with a mixture like that. Most of us have been in the department long enough that we know each others strengths and weaknesses and respect each other for who we are. Our group is a brotherhood. If that is redneck, so be it. That is all that I was trying to say.
I hear this is the latest wildland rig from pierce
Bill, I think someone was pushing you buttons. Everyone knows that people are not like the stereotypes we tease each other about. Here is the great Northwest we get crap about being on the "left coast", tree huggers, yuppies, blah, blah, blah. It is just firehouse teasing, there are plenty of racists, rednecks and dip shits here in the NW. There are more loggers than tree huggers, more cowboys than hippies and more blue collar workers than offices jockeys. Stereotypes are just that, a generalization that may be partly true or may not be true at all. Don't let people get under your skin, you don't let them do it in the firehouse so why here. Lighten up. I am blue collar and proud of it, so are most firemen, in fact paid firemen are blue collar as it gets. But a sales job, is that really uppity? A stock broker or a dentist maybe, but a salesman?
I wish I was that redneck ;>
Technically every firefighter is a redneck. Ever looked at yourself after a rolling structure fire. Not only is your neck red, so is your head, chest and everything else. OK It was corny. :>
;-) I laughed... and that is all that really counts, right?
im from Vermont and im called a Redneck or a hillbilly because i live out in the bondocks lol....i dont mind what people call me sure illadmit im a redneck who cares?
We don't really exist ... we are 'nobody'.
Awful hard to read all the misspelled words and no punctuation.

Just for the record, this is a fragmented sentence...

Perhaps, saying, "it was awfully hard to read all of the misspelled words that lacked punctuation" would be a more "proper" way to express your thoughts? Unless of course, and I am seriously suspecting this, you purposely used bad grammar to make your point. If that's the case then... you can tell I am bored.


Technically speaking, I should be considered a red neck because I drive an old 4x4 suburban, own a truck and have cows mooing in the backyard. I also have some blue tarps out front to protect our tropical plants from frost damage. This makes me not only a redneck, but whiskey tango or white trash. To make matters worse, I even have an RV parked out front of my house. Ewwwww... now that really has to make me trailer trash as well.

It's all a matter of perspective I suppose. Sure, look at my accessorization with the blue tarps and cars out front and one might make the assumption, those must be one of those blue collar workers. Funny thing though is that even though I'm living smack dab in the middle, actually the outskirts of suburbia, the yuppies (for lack of a better term to describe someone with absolutely zero hands on experience doing anything) are the ones who ask for help figuring out the simplest of things.

You see, there are a myriad of experiences and backgrounds we all have, the trick is figuring this out and seeing how you can get all the puzzle pieces to fit. This means finding common ground for one extreme philosophy from Connecticut, to one in Texas to another in the Northwest. It's all good.

Believe it or not, we really are on the same page. While I have not had the benefit of having any dialog with you FireFighter 13-51, I have with Jack and I know his as both a FFN comrade as well as my friend. He's outspoken, irreverent and has his own ideas on things, which to me makes him one of my favorites. We have enough "yes" / vanilla people out there. It's reassuring to know that you can depend on someone to tell it like it is.

With that... Merry Christmas to one and all!

You are so full of shit christmas spirit.

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