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Weather forecasters!  When did they become rockstars?  When the weather is good they act like they created it and like we should be thanking them personally for the warm, sunny day!  When they are wrong which is 50% of the time they never mention their mistake.  I hate those bastards.

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In the Fire service you have rights......You have the right to shut the hell up. You have the right to do as you are told;when you are told to do it. You have the right to quit if you cannot or will not do rule #1 and rule#2....any questions...?
Too narrow, all politicians annoy me, they all lie and care about themselves, not the good of the country.

OK, I'll (try to) stop with the politics now.
Funny cause fire house lawyers get me all hot...lol
Chris Christie?
yeah Ignorant know it alls... they are such well, you know whats! lol
Yes, can you say that in French?
Oh my GOD! You folks are killing me! Too funny!
(I resisted using the text message term "OMG" there.)

I think the term "BBM" (Black Berry Message) has made it into real dictionaries.
It is used as a verb "BBM me" translation: "Please send me a message on my Black Berry brand wireless electronic communication device."

On the topic of language, I want to inflict corrective action (can't say smack these days) on kids (or worse, adults) when they say "...me and my friend..." NO!
It's "... my friend and I..." GET IT RIGHT!

Whether we like it or not, language evolves (within limits though).

In the new Canadian edition of the Oxford English Dictionary, you will actually find the term/word "Double-Double" which is a common (mainly Canadian) term meaning two cream and two sugar in your coffee.

Furthermore (not "and"), I still spell the word "through" like it is supposed to be, not "thru" like some people do... oh wait... that is an entire country that does that... but that just proves my point about language evolving.

Bi-standards who dont move themselves and/or their vehicles when asked to.

The Double-Double Cheeseburger has made it into the dictionary !!! Sweet !!!

btw, I like my BBM translation better :-)~
standards that play for both teams?
Let me rephrase. I meant like citizens that are watching. I dont know if you mean the same thing. I dont get what you mean.
I think you mean bystanders. A bi-standard would be a standard that prefers same sex as well as opposite sex!

"Not that there's anything wrong with that!" - Jerry Seinfeld

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