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Weather forecasters!  When did they become rockstars?  When the weather is good they act like they created it and like we should be thanking them personally for the warm, sunny day!  When they are wrong which is 50% of the time they never mention their mistake.  I hate those bastards.

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I second both of those.
traffic - really - you don't KNOW traffic - I live in Los Angeles !!!
where it can take 20 minutes to go 1 mile... EVERYDAY !!!
some come back... and tell me about traffic after you have lived here a few years ;-)
You kill me.
Heather you misundersttof those French Firefighters...this was at a controlled burn and they were going to use methane gas to get the fire started..not an easy task to get so many to fart in synchronis.....I wonder what tune they were trying to play....? Hmm...maybe the "Fart of the light brigade"...?
Let's see people who annoy me, well being from NJ where to begin,

1) Department Whackers
2) Officers that don’t stand up for their men
3) Bloomingdale women that do not think they have to move their Lexus when we are responding and then file a complaint (of course I give my usual response to this “go f&^k yourself”)
4) Citizens who think they are firefighters and try to tell me how to run command
5) Firefighters that start fires because they want to be a hero
6) Medal chasers
7) Juniors and guys right out of the academy that think they know everything
8) People who don’t like Rescue Me
9) Women that don’t let me rescue them  (okay number nine is not realy a bad thing just something fun to do no the truck now and then)

Okay just to name a few.
You leave slime green engines alone. To quote Kermit, "It is not easy benign green!!"
Our equipment is "YELLOW"....LOL as is our turn-outs....
Yes Dust but look at it this way...If it is your Ex wife...and her house catches fire then you can ethically and legally sit back and watch it burn......after all you cannot break a restraining order can you...?
I am impressed Miss H with your proof reading prowess. All the little distractors, mispelled words (ha ha ha) were noted. CBz
I'm glad to see you have taken something negative and turned it into something positive... what a cool background for a firefighter talking to the public. I can feel your passion here Miss H. Plus you get the added bonus of healing yourself inside. Good stuff. CBz
ya know I speak the truth ;-)
Grammar and lack of fundamental writing skills is an annoyance. FFN posts that use text messaging style language should be reserved for mobile phones that make use of BBM, twitter, etc. I don't find it personally a bad thing to be able to read and write at a high school level. And if you ever have to write, god forbid, and incident report, and should you end up defending your actions, having a report that was written at a 3rd grade level is not going to cut it. You will get crucified.

There goes my annoyance. lol

This is especially true when trying to make the point that those who have not graduated from HS yet should be allowed to respond to calls.

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