I would like to see who you think is a better Doctor Dr. Benjamin Franklin 'Hawkeye' Pierce or Dr. Gregory House and why?

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me too HOUSE ! I like the character leading them in differential diagnosis white board sessions. Interesting cases they crack. And sometimes they are funny too.
It just wouldn't be right to not include these three doctors in the discussion...

Dr. Kelly "Kel" Brackett

Dr. Joe Early

Dr. Mike Morton

You Philistines! What about the following?

Dr Lockhart (ER)

Dr Cameron (House)

Dr Cuddy (House)

Dr Hadley (House)

Dr Rasgrotra (ER)

Dr DelAmico (ER)

Dr Lewis (ER)

I'm with you Luke.
Marcus Welby?
Doc kildare?


Dr Brackett....but only if Nurse McCall comes along too!!!!! Cant believe she wasnt included Captain Busy!
What does this have to do with Firefighting oe EMS...?? and whats more....who cares..??
I'm with you there Lke...she could poke my prostrate anytime......LOL

Id rather NOT have mine poked at all....However what it has to do with fire n EMS...who cares....fun topic, Doctors are the people we see at the hospitals etc etc etc. It's all part of EMS, just kind of a nonsensical topic!

Hawkeye and the other docs on M*A*S*H, Frank Burns excluded, are to me (who's first love is emergency medicine) what "Emergency" is to those of you who are "fire first". It actualy was watching M*A*S*H that made me want to become an EMT all those years ago. One of my favorite episodes is when Fr. Mulcahey has to perform an emergency trach on a pt with a pen and pocketknife while being talked through the procedure by the staff back at the 4077th.
Irreverant, sarcastic, yet human to the core, those docs (through their writers) showed that despite horrible odds, often poor outcomes, and very few uplifting cases their dedication was to restoring not only the human body but its mind as well. Medicine has advanced so much that the docs of the newer programs have so much more technology at their fingertips, huge medical centers, specialists, and no mortar rounds, no semi sterile environments, no rat infested quarters.
Three cheers to all the real M*A*S*Hers and field medics who made medicine what it is today. Out of war has come some great medical advances and the men and women who brought those about with their sacrifices are the ones who should garner all the kudos!!!!
I would have to agree 100% Beverly... I LOVED those docs! I wish more were like them! Of course i wish more medics were like "Roy & Johnny"!!!
I like Dr. Cameron ! thanks for posting Luke.
These three doctors kick a**. "Squad 51, this is Rampart, go ahead." Go to the Internet Movie Data Base IMDb and you can see, I believe, all the episodes there. I watch them nightly.

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