Either we have a lot of members who have been reading without posting or the discussions have almost ground to a halt.
There's plenty to discuss. Click on the News tab and you'll see.
Cities laying off firefighters, closing stations.
Feds are considering cutting federal grant programs that will affect both career and volunteer fire departments.
People are still driving rigs too fast and rolling them.
Seatbelts are still being treated as optional.
Money of fire departments are being stolen or misspent.
Firefighters are setting fires.
Heart attacks, hydrogen cyanide, carbon monoxide, firefighters getting struck at MVAs, firefighters fighting cops, New Haven firefighters won their case, Tommy's drinking again on 'Rescue Me'.
And there isn't anything to discuss?

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it might be the duldrums of summer. I know that I'm trying to squeeze in as much family time as I can while the kids are out of school. This is in addition to helping teach a first responder class and just starting up a mandatory firefighter class.

June & July are my busiest months and after that I have a little more time to sit down and write.

things change fast..
So, you'll read the new Jake and Vinnie when you are done with your vacation, there Ted?
Black and chrome.
Wait; that's motorcycles.
Do you have any paint chips that I could look at?
This is not the first time that this has happened... the number of webposts shown on the FFN Home Page is controlled by FFN. What you might perceive as a reduction in posts is actually only a reduction of the number of posts that are displayed.

I don't fault FFN for reducing the number of posts, it's not free to put something as successful as the FFN online, so as far as I'm concerned they can do whatever they need to do without objections.

Personally, I preferred seeing more posts, allowing them to be visible before going away due to other more popular posts forcing them out of the main page. What this does force though is your need to go to the general category to see recent posts. They now require extra clicks on the mouse to access.

Limiting the number of posts in my opinion is not a good thing.


Less is not more in this case.
I think that some of it is due to the time of year and some of it might be that when people do not agree with what a poster types and cannot be swayed from their opinion the personnal attacks sometimes result.
Ok ok, It's obvious what needs to happen here... "What color is everyone's helmet and what does it stand for?"
White. It means I'm the chief.
I've been on vacation myself. So I guess I didn't miss anything. Or rather should I say, nothing has changed. But then, it hasn't really changed in 200 years, isn't that how it goes?
what do oyu mean by this...just wondering?
Black, witha shield. Which means i am an Explorer Capt.
Well, the power of the pen... or computer key board has proven itself once again. The number of discussion posts have been increased from five to ten since this morning when these posts first originated. It's a given that the FFN staff monitor these pages and posts. So, thank you FFN for responding to the membership, and without delay. Another reason why this site is so well received by firefighters all over the world.


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