Where cam I find some bicycle red lights and sirens????

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ok...Ill try
you would think galls or darley or for that matter even chiefsupply.com would have some...
try ebay, galls, or thefirestore.com
OK, I'll be the a$$hole.


If you are serious, this isn't even funny. Never mind the wacker factor. I would contact your local Department of Transportation, and find out what your states laws are for responding to fire emergencies and what are the AGE and vehicle requirements. It is fine if you want to whack it up in your drive way on your huffy, but as soon as you put lights on any vehicle (including a bike) and use the streets, you fall under different laws.

I not trying to be mean, just honest.
I dont find that mean.... Ide rather know before then get in trouble after......I appreciate it!!!
What that a strange question... Than I can not help... What for thoughts at you?
Emergency lights and siren on a bicycle? Do you honestly think that would help? The things don't help much when they're on a BRT - on a tiny bicycle? My thoughts are that having lights and siren on a bicycle would give a rider a false sense of security, would be dangerous things to have.

Have a talk to your Chief, see what the official FD policy is for this sort of thing. Do it before you waste any money.
Well put Rfdjumper. In PA it is against the law for anybody under the age of 18 to have a light on their vehicle. I'm sure that includes bicycles also. They are not even to respond directly to the scene with their pv so I would even see any advantage to having a light let alone on your bike. I am not sure what the laws are in WV but I would look into it first.
Talk to a local cop shop. The cops in our areas all have little setups made specifically for bicycles. I think they're like $400 bucks, but not sure where to get them. And I have to go along with RFDJumper and Tony P. unless you're gonna be on a beach or inside fairgrounds or some special event, no real reason to set it up and waste the money. I've worked with departments that use them during big outdoor events for bike medic type stuff, but thats all I've ever seen.
I can't think of any reason to install lights and sirens on a bicycle... are you expecting people to pull over to the right as you slowly peddle by? or perhaps step off the sidewalk as you ride by. If you do this you will look like an idiot and will embarrass your department as well. Asking the question isn't a bad thing, in fact it probably will save you from getting a reputation as "one of those guys". Save yourself the emotional trauma and rethink this one buddy.

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