So we had a very in depth discussion about this at a drill last night.

When is the best time to charge the line?
Some people say charge it at the front door, some say outside the door to the fire room, still others say once the pump operator can't see the hose team, they should charge the line.

What's everyone else's take on this?

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Theoretically our policy is to have the line charged, bled and stream adjusted at the front door/entry door or where you will be entering. The reason for this is safety, your attack team is at that point ready to make entry and if water is needed prior to the fire room, then the crew is assured to have water and the correct nozzle pattern for the attack.
at the front door
Unless there are reports of victims still inside, no one goes in without a charged line.
We have no high rises, so no high rise kits.
Fire in the second story? If you can make the stairs, you are going up with a charged line.
Has anyone ever stood there with their "hose" in their hands waiting and waiting and waiting for water?
You need to know you have it BEFORE you enter IDLH atmosphere.
Safety, Safety, Safety. you should never enter a structure without a charged line. It wouldn't look good if you got to the top of the steps and your there ready to advance on the fire and there is a problem and for whatever reason the operator can't get you water. Make sure you have everything you need before you enter,keeping the odds on your side.
there was an earlier comment on charging a CAFS line at the point of entry. This is true for more than one reason. One to bleed out the line and the other is to insure you have the solution you need. The same should also go for water.
I would perfer to also have a second line deployed and charged for safety
Our SOP is to deploy the line off the truck and charge it ASAP.
charge before in the building and check water pressure and steam setting and bleed the line of air

we never enter a building without a charged line sop on our dept
From my experience if the fire is limited to a floor then wait to charge until you get to that floor. Downside is you have to have comms with the op or else if he charges when your out of sight you might not be ready yet and be dealing with spaghetti on the 3rd floor.
Bottom line charge it when the crew asks for it. different conditions dictate when the crew will want it charged
I agree with Brad & Walter, but good communications with your engine operator is a must, it's you and your partner in there you need to make the call, not command or anybody else.. stay safe
I think that the line should be charged before entering the deweling as you do not know what awaits you on the other side of the door, as firemen we need to think saftey first. I do not think I would be comfrotable going into a fully engulfed dweling without a charged line. I have been in the fire sevice several years a training officer, a fire chief, and a emt. I have seen times that you open the door and have a flash over and several other crazy things so again my thought is charge before entering.
Condtions dictate evertihng , having said that the ideal method is to get your line off the truck strecthed free of kinks and at the seat of the fire
At that point charge the line
Our SOP's state to blow the airhorn twice as a signal to the hydrant man regaurdless of a radio or not.

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