my question for everyone is whne is it time for someone to hold an office i.e chief, director,treasure. i would like to know when does everyone think it is ok for someone to try to run for an office?
i ask to not only find out if there is a right time or not but also to also gain more knowlegde on subjects of this matter.
thank you for your time.

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Honestly I would say the person needs at least 10 years experience, before Id ever consider him to be in one of those positions.
You are a curious one aren't you Matt?

Now, when is it time for someone to hold office? For me it depends mainly on the position and that persons ' experience, abilities and training for the individual position.

An operational officer? You need the training, the experience and the ability. Both fireground related and not.

Non-operational position? You need the training, the experience, and the ability. For this category, a person could well join off the street and be appointed - the position may not require any fireground qualifications.
Boy thats wide....

Chief - You need to know your stuff and have respect from your department before being an officer le alone chief...
As for administrative positions, that depends on the person, are they mature and can the handle responcibility. If your asking for years, well thats up for a huge debate. I have know people to be great officers after only 3-4 years and I have seen people who are horible officers after 10-15 years. You must have what it takes to be a manager and know that when the Chief puts those bugles on your collar - You are no longer "One of the Boys".

no im gana hold of for a few years im just curious on what people think when is it appropreatie one to jump in. ive personaly seen a person with one year in get put in and office to me that fast but im not going to sweat it. like my buddy always says what happens on the other side of the wall stays over there. as long as it stays there were good to go...
Being a volunteer department our bylaws have 3 years experience to be secretary, treasure, and trustee. After 5 years your are eligible for command staff opportunities. Most on our department including myself waited about 10 years for this because of experience.

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