I know we train hard, and sometimes I mean really hard and we answer all the calls we can, and we try to do whats right at the fire scene and around the house. But whe something doesn't go right, how much discipline should be given and when is too much???

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Case by case issue here. Too many variables to consider for a simple single answer in my opinion. But here are some good tips for any Officer, Officer in training or potential Officer to know.
1. Don't discipline in the public's eye unless the situation warrants it. And that will be a rare situation.
2. Don't discipline in front of other personnel unless the situation calls for some coaching of all personnel. In the case of coaching don't single one person out, discuss it as a general problem, not as a problem someone just did. (this is for first time offenses or minor infractions. That said there will be those rare occassion when disciplinary action will have to be taken when others are present.
3. Don't get in the habit of disciplining when you're angry. There are times it is warranted, but all the time will have a negative impact on the message.
4. First time offenses should be coaching UNLESS it is blatant and/or a total disregard for personnel safety, professionalism, SOP or policy.
Ed, first off I like the shirt your wearing. Second, if you are a volunteer you can only give
to the best of your ability. Your free time is yours to do with what you want. Your family
comes first, your job comes second, and everything else come third. If you feel as if you
are being asked to much of, then maybe it's time you let them know, and if you are unable
to meet their demands, and I hate to say this, but may it's time to take a break.
If you have had all your basic training in, and you met the required percent of calls, and
meetings you need to, then I wouldn't worry about it.
I hope I answered your question. If you are a paid firefighter, I can't hep you there.
I think disciplining is like holding an egg. When grip too hard it breaks....when you slack... you drop the egg then breaks.

Then the rest you have to figure that one out like Dottie Garret was saying. I also agree with 4 simple guidelines mentioned by Truckie Jay.

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