heres a pic for everyone to give me there thoughts on it.i have been tring to talk safety to this kid but he doesnt seem to listen.i think that its poor judgemenet plus the kid is a jr firefighter and i dont agree with him on the hoseline

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First off..this kid is not a firefighter..
Second...Who was operating the pump to give these 2 water? He had to have seen this.
Third,..who's running the nozzle. He/she must have seen who had their back.
It doesn't have to be an officer to tell someone to get the hack out of there who has no ppe. we look after each matter what the rank.
i feel that if your a jr fire fighter you stay with the engine,rescue or ladder truck and not get close to the fire.i brought this up so that i hope noone has someone in there department that thinks its ok to not use the proper ppe provided by the department
this picture makes me speachless.
I was an explorer, and if i wanted to get within 100yrds of a fire, i needed to have full PPE's on. I was an Explorer Captain, and if i caught one of my guys doing this...BYE BYE!
Sure, let the kid be on a hose line, but not that close and not during that stage of the fire. Let the Jr. on the hose line during Overhaul or something along those lines, BUT NEVER in this type of situation.

I have been on hose lines during fires, but nothing like this its on calls like Auto fires and Rubish fires (dumpster fires etc) and maybe a small grass fire. Sure, i would LOVE to be on that hose line, but i know its not my place and i could do more harm then good because of my known skills.

This picture makes me sick. And i really dont want to know what happence when this kid becomes a little to cocky and trys something he is not suppose to.

"we look after each matter what the rank."

Great line
there should be, just not like the one pictured. (not trying to start an aurgument, just stating my point of view)
I'll second that.
This is why we don't have a jr firefighter program.
The clasic pbi shirt,shorts, and shoes. Iwould have him take a good look @ the pic and tell you what he thinks is wrong. make sure you point out he isn't backn up the nozle man holding the houe like its a garden hose......
i think theres nothin wrong with it but im from a different kind of raisn than yall are
Is it the Chief's kid?
no its not the chiefs kid.


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