heres a pic for everyone to give me there thoughts on it.i have been tring to talk safety to this kid but he doesnt seem to listen.i think that its poor judgemenet plus the kid is a jr firefighter and i dont agree with him on the hoseline

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Looks like a lawsuit waiting to happen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! At best a few weeks in a burn center followed by months of rehab.
Probably not good for you, the kid, your department or FFN to be posting this picture. Other than that, no comment.
the fire fighter in question is not from my department.i agree but i am tring to understand why a chief would let a jr fire fighter on a hose line.there are ppl that are defending his actions.your concerns are taken into account
Where is his gear? We don't have Jr.'s here, but if we did they would not be allowed to operate that close to a fire. I just can't understand what anyone is thinking here. Even if this were a controlled training situation, it appears that safety is being completely ignored.
i agree that jr fire fighters should not be allowed to be a part of a working incident no matter how bad things are.there are a few ppl that are defending him.if he was a member of my department i would have a long talk with the chiefs to have some type of action taken

This must be one of them there photo-shopped pictures I hear tell about because, a CHIEF wouldn't allow this to happen.
the guy who took the picture said that we have all done stupid things in our career.he stands behind the fire matter what he should not have been that close to a working fire
A splendid example of why there should NOT be junior "firefighters". But hey, who am I to argue with how a department chooses to operate. Stay safe-ish.
My thoughts? Where the hell was a line officer, let alone a CHIEF officer to kick the kid right off of the scene?

Safety first, and always. A 30 day suspension of Junior and whoever overlooked the situation might reinforce that message.
Okay, you sucked me in. (And after I already said "no comment."). Exactly which stupid thing was the picture-taker referring to? Is it the taking of the picture stupid thing? Is it the ALLOWING of the kid to be on a hoseline - irrespective of his state of dress - stupid thing. Or is it the kid taking his life in his own hands stupid thing? And whose "career" was he talking about?
Philly, why so serious? I thought the vollies cracked you up? This ain't one of dem occasions?
he said that everyone has done something unsafe or done something without thinking.not sure exactly what he was refering to.


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