What's the coolest "thing" you have saved on a structure fire? Can you ID the example photo vehicles & motorcycles?

Saving lives is the mantra we always follow. But what about things? Think back to all the structure fires you have been on or have heard about. During overhaul and salvage phases of the fire we all remove things to prevent damage or to minimize what already has been affected. This is not the phase of property salvage that I am referring too. What I am talking about focuses on things that you removed from a structure, while the structure was burning, to prevent things from burning or being damaged from radiant heat, falling debris, etc.

Here's an example... Late night single story family dwelling structure fire with the fire contained to the garage. You arrive on scene, flames are blowing out the back door of the garage, lots of smoke, and the property owner tells you what's in the garage.. and asks, can you save them?  And the answer was... yes, of course!  Here's what we found... anyone else ever find surprises like this behind door number one?


Question:  Can anyone successfully identify the vehicles and motorcycles in this photo?

Hint: Ka-Ching!

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Good read, thanx. CBz
Good read, thanx. CBz
Huh, small world. I live 8 miles from Roaring Spring. I actually work for the EMS service that has a truck in station 60's garage.
Yes it is a very small world. I loved the area and Barry was pretty good to work for.
As the vehicles have been identified, I'll not have a go at that part! But as for saves, I really enjoyed these:
1. At the flattened remains of a house in Marysville after the 7th Feb fire last year, with a couple of coppers my partner and I (we were there to simply 'be there' as the local brigade had been stood-down - be there to be seen and help anywhere possible) were trying to find "anything" for the owner. He had been out fighting the fires while his house - along with almost all of the town - burnt to the ground. The owner was the actual finder, we were just helping. The find? His fathers WW2 war service medals.
2. I was at a house fire, knocked and overhaul taking place. The upstairs was totally unsafe (Truss/gangnail). I was out the front as the mother bought home her two young sons from school, the looks on their faces was tragic. One of the fire investigators managed to hook a soft toy from upstairs for the youngest boy - his much loved favourite is what the mother said to me. One little boy could smile again.

Neither saved from the flames, but both meant so much, and both could have been gone for good after the 'dozer went through.
I rescued a dog twice in the same fire.....Also in a different fire a big lizard of some kind.

Whoa... there's a trend here with lizards. You can now join the ranks of Chief Mike France, Roy Walker and myself as lizard savers. There's got to be a patch, coffee cup and tee shirt out there somewhere... From here on out, now you know that you are no longer just plain old John Rull, Jr.

Now you are JohnRull Jr., Lizard Saver!

CBz (fellow Lizard Saver)
HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!! You crack me up CBz
Add a pig to the list of animals don't know how I forgot
Not having been on a lot of structure fires...as I am new and all...but the coolest thing I remember so far was a cage of ferrets...we were inside flowing water when something went rolling across the floor, the ferrets were headed for the door in their rectangular cage and making decent progress at that...we just helped them the rest of the way out.
CAPNCRNCH-back in the day I worked at a place that we made the mustang convertibles. Every year the owner hosted a big car show and he allowed us to volunteer our time to set up, etc. if we wanted. Well, it was always fun and we got to see all the new and old cars. One year my lucky job was taking Linda V. back and forth on her arrands through town, etc. WOW, she was a looker!! and for an 18 year old kid to be lucky enough to be getting that job. . .Oh YEAH !!
Dont have a picture of it ....but the coolest thing I have saved is the Gold Record for the song "Big Bad John" Sung By Jimmy Dean. His house caught fire last year and I was the first due Truck Officer.

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