Whats the best trunouts and why do yo like them. Whats the good points and whats the bad points

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I can answer this one very easily...the one's that are worn PROPERLY.....by properly I mean in its entirety....completely....like the whole ball of wax....kit and kaboodle...all nine yards....100 %...(Get the picture...?) Paul
I get the picture but if you were going to by a new set of turnouts which one would you by and why
Good answer, Paul. But what Jeremy wants to know is why I wouldn't buy Morning Pride again. Because all of the MP gear we bought in 1999 or 2000 became frayed in several areas with relatively little use. The crotch of the pant thermal liner, the pant cuffs, and places where the reflective trim started coming off. All within 3 years of purchase, every set we purchased.

Some one said "yeah, that's the material..." but at better than $1,000 a set who can afford to go back to the same vendor? I now have a Lion set and it has been pretty good so far.
Jeremy, I have used Morning Pride, Janesville and now the Globe Extreme. For the comfort Globe Extreme beats everything that I have worn. The only draw back with them are they are bulky in some areas. I like the fit of the Janesville better then the Morning Pride. So, it all depends on how much money you want to spend.. It's like the old saying. You get what you pay for!!!
I have worn a few different brands, I fell Globe is a really good choice. Their boots are also awesome!
Well, you really can't beat my previous answer.....BUT...We currently use Veridian Advanved...it has the built in yoke system for extrication of a downed Firefighter....I think its good stuff and the company has stood behind their product when we had a few issues (Guys getting it torn on glass and the like...sent it in and repaired without cost)....I also like the Globe Extreme....Looks like it should hold up well....Stay safe and remember to keep the faith.....Paul (Again)
"Working in Florida where its always warm theres not much difference between the Globe or the MP gear in environmental aspects."
You mean that they're both horribly hot to wear? I can believe that...
Around my area a lot of departments including ours uses Globe Extreme. Its pretty comfortable and I find it very easy to move around in. It can be a bit bulky when it comes to getting into tight spaces like a wrecked car but other then that we have had pretty good luck with it.

Over the years Globe has been the industry leaders, always looking to improve performance, fit, & comfort. Visit globefiresuits.com and see for yourself. Also you can see how its made on discovery channel, they did a segment on Globe about four or five weeks back, on a program called how it's made, I havn't checked but it may be on a pod cast.

I would check to see if you have a distributor located near you. As mentioned several time, the best gear must fit and be worn in its entirety and properly as designed.
It's really a matter of choice believe it or not all the manufacturers get their material from the same three manufacturers. Whether Janesville, Morning Pride, Globe or any other out there, have reps that will be more than willing to come show you their turnouts. I personally am a fan of the Globe G-Extreme for maneuverability and fit. Also my experience of dealing with the different manufacturers when it comes to repairs and turn around time Globe can not be beat and their customer service reps are tops. No I'm not a rep or on their payroll.
At my department we have Morning Pride but I dont know if we are gonna keep using it I just got some more this year and its not really comfortable and the guy that measured me said he was gonna make my pants a size bigger for a better fit well they came and were ten sizes to big so havent wore any MP pant yet but dont like the coat I have Lion App. pants and love them sooooo comfortable but like all turnout gear it is running its last leg of the race and they will be being replaced very soon:(

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