I was an EMT from 1994 to 1998 and I remember this one company I worked for had the old 2-man stretchers. I hope everyone knows what I'm talking about here. The ones that you had to sit the patient on the ground and then pick them up one medic on each side and slide them in the back of the truck. Well, I'm back in EMT class and I can't believe there isn't even a mention of one of these. Not even for "historical reference" pages or anywhere else. I mean I know things change and we have to change with them but come on not even a mention anywhere? If there hadn't been these wouldn't have had the cots or stretchers or whatever you want to call them now. So then that got me to thinking, was anyone, anywhere in this great country still using these dinosaurs?

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Yeah the good ole days... the ambulance used to double dip, "be an ambulance on the emergency and then be a herse on the back side" LOL

Heck both ambulance drivers used to ride up front while the patient died in the back too....
If there is I haven't seen them in many many years...and you my friend have just dated yourself...you are now officially a member of the "Old Fart Club"....welcome..you can have the seat next to me....a new thing came along that killed those stretchers...it is called "Workman's Compensation".....Stay safe.........Paul

I think the 2-man stretcher disappeared in the 70's along with EMERGENCY!

my back remembers them and is glad they are gone. the other thing was you had to set the wheels into depressions in the floor amd they had to be straight or the first corner you went around would be bad news for "your" legs.
The ones we had did fasten to the floor a little bit better than that they were actually fastened down. And I did ride in the back with the patient not up front. And no I didn't quite mean to inply that they were the "good old days" LMAO. I just was wondering why they weren't even mentioned in the EMT books any more and then that got me to wondering if anyone was still using them. Yea I didn't work very long for that company I was just there about 1 1/2 months but it was an experience I would never forget.
Thanks Paul I will try and thanks for saving me a seat although I didn't know 37 was getting on in years LMAO. Stay safe.....Michael.

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