Mine was about a year ago. An ederly woman called and reported that her house was on fire and needed the fire dept. When we arrived on scene we did not see any visible smoke, except what was coming from her neighbors chimney. I was very perplexed at this situation. my Lt. knocked on the door and asked the woman where the fire was at. She pointed towards the street at the sewer drain. There was some steam coming from the drain. She then walked over to the drain and pointed and said "there it is, it is down there." Without thinking i blurted out "that was some hot shit there ma'am." I don't think she thought it was as funny as we did. But in the end she thanked us for our timely response and concern for her well being.

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Matt, we all at sometime put our foot in our mouth, don't feel bad.
We had a call, it was unknown to what the problem was until we arrived
on sence. An Old Lady called the fire department saying she needed help
When we arrived, she said she needed help moving her Bed out of her room
because she had a new one being delivered.
We were called to assist an officer who had made a traffic stop. The driver was complaining of a health issue.
Upon arrival, we learned that the driver was in unbearable pain, he said, due to his thyroid. "My thyroid is killing me!"
Never in my life have I ever heard of a thyroid hurting. Turned out that he was also in possession of about 1 pound of marijuana. Hmmmm....I guess my thyroid might hurt to if I was trying to get outa that one.
Rescue a man in a flue.
We were called to a rollover with injuries and possible fatal on scene. While arriving first we noticed a crowed of people standing around a victim. The interstate traffic was totally stopped. The man was bare naked and he face planted it on the freeway. Many people in the crowd were shocked and we were informed there was another party involved. This was a semi accident that went into the median and had major damage. We could not even gain entry into the front of the cab and pulled out the extrication equipment to gain entry via the rear of the cab. We finally made entry and found a female that was also bare naked and she had rope tied around her wrists and ankles. The smell of sex suddenly engulfed all of us. She was conscious and breathing and asked how her husband was doing. We did not say and then she asked how his boss was. Looking a little puzzled, we asked what the boss looked like. She proceeded to tell us that she and the husband's boss were having sex in the back of the cab. Her husband was driving the semi and he was watching them do this to get off. During this episode her husband did not see the curve and unfortunately put the truck in the median, ejecting the boss onto the freeway face first. As for the husband, he actually was in the crowd of people during the initial stages of the call to ashamed to tell us he was involved. As for the boss, well I guess he left the world a happy man. Crazy, crazy, crazy!
We got a call of a woman hit by a car, arrived on scene to find a women who ran over herself with her own car. She said :" I was getting out of my car to talk to somebody... Put it in park or so i thought..." bam we arrived not more than a bad bruise and some scratches.
Did yall move the bed?
I have heard alot of strange stories from the older guys in my dept. and other depts., but this one tops it all.
I'm telling you, that was one of the weirdest ones. I had to transport that lady to the hospital. By the time we arrived at the hospital, the ambulance totally smelled like sex. I was dying. The guys on the department still laugh at that one. I'll never live that one down.
i'll never live down my comment to the old lady. i still catch grief over that. but the evrytime the lady see's me ,she smiles and gives me a hug. it still makes me laugh though.
we were paged to a residence for a unconscious male. Upon arrival the man was laying on the floor face down when we went to hold c spine and roll him over to begin treatment myself and the other Emt with me noticed that the yong man had young ladies underwear on. We got the patient onto the strecher and headed out the door to load him in the medi unit and noticed a rack of womans clothes and langre in his living room kinda makes you wonder how weird people really are
haha wow that is pretty good
A high speed chase went through our small community after an assult occured in the neighboring county. Mind you reported as 2 females fighting. The suspect fled high speed and in an attept to loose the deputies they took a wrong turn and crashe head first int a loading dock at an industrial park. After extrication and packaging the patient had all clothes cut off in the squad and was found to not be a female. We gave the nickname of "shim" to this patient. this was nearly 15 years ago.

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