What is your favorite movie, or song to include firefighters?

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I think Towering Inferno says it all. Great movie but it is 30 years old.
The Towering inferno
"Fireman Sam to the Rescue"

Of course, this thread should be in "The Fire's Out" forum, but very few people seem able to read the forum titles these days.
Ladder 49
Backdraft hands down but still love the others ladder 49, fireproof, wow i have them all does it make me a nut???
Chuck and Larry is about the brotherhood of firefighting. Doing anything for your buddy, I wouldnt take it that far, but it sends a message about how much we depend on our fellow firefighters. And its also very funny!!!
If you are interested in a great book, try "Population 485, Meeting your neighbors one siren at a time" by Michael Perry. It's about a very small town firefighter who tells the real life events of Fire, EMS and all the other things that go along with being in a small town.
Some where between Hellfighters to Backdraft to Ladder 49. All of the above.
BACKDRAFT "funny thing about firemen, night and day there always firemen"
fireman by lil wayne and the one my george strait shine ur light by robbie something.. ladder 49 and back draft..
Liked Padre Petes submission-had forgotten about that movie- I liked it too-ya me old too.LADDER 49 was ok,same with Backdraft and Frequency. But to me one of the better ones out there is--"Into The Fire" that was done on the History channel, even though it isn't a movie persay..it was one that I liked.
Population 485 is a great book. Thanks for reminding me, I need to read it again.
I'm surprised EMERGENCY hasn't been mentioned.

Fav one would be BROTHERHOOD (FDNY documentary)

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