What is the Oldest Fire Apparatus You Have In Service In Your Department?

In the department I belong, we have a 29 year old American LaFrance Ladder Truck. You would never know that by looking at it, and it is still in great machanical shape as well.

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Here are two pictures of both.
Hey Turk, Thanks again for sharing them with us.
The one's we had were Red, they do look a little differant in
White, but all the same, they are good trucks.
Thanks again, be safe out there Brother.
we have two older trucks a 1975 GMC sierra, and a 1977 ford ranger
Hey Ronofireman, Thanks for responding to the discussion, and
for the pictures of your trucks. I like the way the Ford is set up'
I use to have one very much the same, without the rear step on it.
Thanks again, Be safe out there Brother.
Vollie Station - In service: 1983 Ford E-One Pump, Not In service: 1955 B-85 Mack 75' Pirsch Ladder
F/T Paid Station - In service: 1993 E-One Cyclone Pump, Not in Service: 1956 B-75 Mack Pump
P/T Paid Station - In service: 2001 Pierce Pump, Not in service: 1954 International Wiggins Custom Pump
Hey Vinnie, Thanks for responding to the discussion.
Do you have any pictures you can share with us ?? I sure
would like to see the 1956 Mack Pumper, if you have a pic
of that. Until next time, stay safe Brother.
the first pic is a 1972 American Lafrance engine 750GPM pump
the second pic is our new Engine 202 which is a 1000gal. 1250GPM pumper/tanker by 4Guys Fire Trucks out of Penn. we also have our original truck which was bought in 1964 or 65 which is just there as a keepsake so to speak.
Hey AJ, Thanks for responding to the discussion. The
trucks look good, I also like the design you have on the
side of the truck. Most trucks have a straight line through
them. Thanks again for sharing them with us, and be safe out
there Brother.
Hay Dave, Thanks for geting back to me, sorry you don't
have any pictures, that would have been a nice one to have
seen. Be well out there, and stay safe Brother.
I don't have any pics yet, but our oldest is a '91 International with a '77 4-Guys 1800 gallon tanker body. It's our last stick truck, and up for replacement ( I'm told that I'm just about the only new recruit in the last few years who can even drive a stick, and I'm not qualified on any truck yet).
Hey Lee, Thank you for responding to the discussion.
Not many trucks left around that have stick shifts in them.
I enjoyed the trucks we had that had manual transmissions
in them. Always had to double cluch going from gear to gear.
Well thanks again, and stay safe Brother.
I hear ya' about the stick trucks. Where I live, you're hard pressed to find a pickup with a stick unless you order a brand new one. You give me the same truck, regardless of weight class, with stick and with automatic and I'll out-pull the automatic any day with the stick. Over the years ( I learned to drive on a 3-speed on the column), I've learned to anticipate my downshifts for maximum power. I even had to double-clutch a few pickups when a slave cylinder would go out. You stay safe, too!

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