What is the Oldest Fire Apparatus You Have In Service In Your Department?

In the department I belong, we have a 29 year old American LaFrance Ladder Truck. You would never know that by looking at it, and it is still in great machanical shape as well.

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1981chevy brush truck

getting replaced this summer
Northumberland No'1s (a vollie company) has a late 1700 Pat Lyon still housed at the station, they also have
a 1937 Swab (one of the last ones built) that is used in parades and to give kids rides as a fund raiser. Stoington VFC has a 1919 750 gpm ALF, that it also takes to parades. Upper Augusta VFC has a 1964 Jeep that is still in service as a brush truck. OK, so the first 3 are not in service but at one time they were.
This is a picture of Upper Augusta's brush truck. It takes a little time to get it to the scene, but once it is there is very little that will stop it. It has been known to push trees out of the way when
there was no road.
Hey Chris, Thank you for responding to the discussion.
Do you have any pictures of your Chevy that you can share with us ??
Hope to hear back from you, until then, be safe out there Brother.
Hey John, Thank you for responding to the discussion. Thank you
for sharing these pictures with us. Now that is some great history
behind those shots. I'm suprised they aren't in a museum on display.
Thanks again for sharing them with us. They are the oldest trucks I have
seen here thus far. Be well, and stay safe out ther Brother.
Hey John, It's hard to beleive the Jeep is 45 years old, and still in
service. I'm thinking that it's a Willys, and if so, I can understand
it still running. You can't kill those Jeeps. Thanks again for sharing
these with us. Be safe out there Brother.
Mick, I have found out that the Pat Lyon was built in 1740, and the No 1's purchased it in
1796 within 2 years of the company being formed. I agree at least the Pat Lyon should be in
a museum. There was a museum that wanted it to display it back in the 60's, they were going
to restore it, but the company could keep ownership, the company said no. They also had it
pumping in the 50's or 60's. The jeep isn't a willy, the name starts with a k, but I can't remember what it is.
Hey John, Thanks for geting back to me with the added information.
It was good to here back from you. Stay well, and be safe out there
We have a 1974 Jim Beam High Pressure Fog Mini- Pumper with Pump and Roll capability which we still use as our brush truck because you can literally chase the fire through the fields with this apparatus. With 2 high pressure booster lines, you can have one firefighter on each side of the truck as you drive through the field chasing the fire to put it out.
Hey David, Thanks for responding to the discussion, and for
sharing your pictures with us. Are they still in service ?? It looks as
if the International has been put out of service. Again, thanks for sharing
them with us, and be safe out there Brother.
You've got pictures in the ladder truck thread. But as a refresher,09 Smeal 100' Midmount,300 gal tank with 2000gpm Hale.
Hey Chief Tim, Thanks for up dating that information for us.
Stay safe Brother.

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