what is the most imbarrasing thing that has happened to you since you joined--(or before)

i think one story that will deffinately stick with me forever, not just inside the fire department but with other people around town that found out about it as well is my pager story----well so i FINALLY got my pager, nice new minitor 4 just sent out to get rebuilt and everything, came back practically brand new. here ya go!...so i always carried it with me but i carried it inside my front pocket and clipped in, all the guys thought it was stupid because i didn't have it on my belt in a pouch like evryone else did--problem,i usually don't wear a belt. also i'm not everyone else lol.-- so after a few months i decided to just start carrying it clipped to the waist of my jeans instead to avoid harassment.--all fine and well untill that one day. (this is where it gets really really imbarassing lol)- i had to pee really bad and as soon as i got home ran into the bathroom (had the stupid pager clipped to the waist of my pants and not in my pocket where it never fell out) any way got done flushed the toilet atarted to wash mu hands twisted around to grab the soap twisted just right and parer wasn't clipped enough fell off went and hit the edge of the toilet seat fell in before i could grab it-the amazing part is the toilet was just getting done flushing the pager somehow actually flushed down the toilet!-the next day we had to pull the toilet to get it. my mom's boyfriend had to go to the hardware store to get a new wax ring ofcourse i had to call my dad that night to tell him what happened eventho i really didn't want to. well he called everyone he could think of to tell them the story and told the guys at the hardware store to look for me the next day. small town and everyone knows everyone and i knew them pritty good and they didn't need any excuse to pick on me but this was the perfect opportunity for them.-same way with all the guys at the station when i came in and handed the chief a little box that had my pager in it insede a plastic bag lol. then i hads to explain to the whole group what had happened eventho my dad had already told them all- then durring a training night they decided to address to the whole entire scene support class the whole story and then present me with my new pager which was all wrappet ip with toilet paper ant stuff and had a little bow on it allong with a little flotation device they made out of styrafoam.

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dats shitty lol
One of the embarassing things I had happen to me happened to me a month after I joine the department we were at en event in town and the evnt was cming to a close. I go to my LT and say,. "When are he trucks leaving" he says "the last truck leaves now". I grabed my gear slung it over my shoulder ad ran over 1000 feet to the truck. It was either that or walk the 2-3 miles back to the station.
Then there was the time I go to get into my bunker pants. I get my boots on and they were soaked in 2 inches of water. My boots were next to he bay where we wash the trucks. My boots were soake for two weeks.

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