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12 alarms on 1 engine company out of 9 pieces of apparatus, Engine 1 runs ems, rescue and fire.
The Company or the whole Department?
the whole department
When the remnants of hurricane Ike came thru we had as a dept I think around 70-80 calls within a 24 hour period.
Whole dept would be hard to ascertain for a single day. If I'm running, I'm not concerning myself how much the rest of the dept is running.

For personal account, it was 36 calls in 36 hours. I worked on one rescue company for my shift and ran out butts off for the 24 hours, I then went to work OT on another rescue and ran our butts off there. Predominantly these were EMS calls, many were short transport times. After 12 hours off had to go back to the rescue I worked the OT for my regular shift and ran steady all day as well. I was happy to get a 4 day after that run.
Here is a rough estimate. Figuring average runs per Company,Number of houses..Most are double company house at the least. This number is low...The whole Dept. For a 24 hr shift. 1500.
dang... individual calls - or large scale emergency?
Unfortunately, "The whole department" can make this meaningless. Some FD's are small, some are large. My station is part of a single fire service with over 1200 stations - some in busy call areas, some in quiet. See what I mean by meaningless?

The busiest day I've been involved with at my station I went to seven calls for different fires. The last one I went on had me out for eight hours.
Most calls - 32 calls in a 24-hour shift - all EMS.

Biggest - 99-vehicle wreck with fire, hazmat, multiple entrapment, and MCI, over 100 agencies responded.
99? Geez...
As Tony from Oz noted, you can have busy stations and the opposite... each station is unique where city related / metropolitan calls differ greatly from the more rural runs that have agricultural or recreational types of incidents.

For me personally, the busiest I have ever been was when I worked for Medivac Ambulance Company in East Palo Alto... this was not one of the more stellar places on the planet and there were incredible displays of violence. It's one of the few memories I have of opening up the back ambulance doors and having blood spill out the back onto the concrete. If we arrived on scene and it was a BLS call, we were out of there and a BLS unit was dispatched. We always had at least three calls stacked up during rush hour... you became very familiar with load and go...

24 calls in a 24-hour period is my max... wouldn't want to have any more than that... remember, this included all the paperwork as the paramedic on the calls... and I do miss the trauma...

the things we do to get hired full time by a fire department... but it was so worth it...

Hey, Capt., long time no see. Hope you're doing well.

My department was part of a response to an 80 vehicle pile up.

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