what is the best method??? an indirect attack or a direct attack, and what attack does your department use?? my department uses the indirect attack. I would like to have as much input as possible thanks.

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Too many variables to call a direct and or indirect attack without seeing the building and knowing what it is. Sometimes the best attack is through fire code enforcement.
As has been said. Too many variables. There is no single answer to your question.
Depends on the individual case...there is no one answer to anything in the Fire Service.....Primary concern is for the preservation of life...and of course Firefighter safety.....Paul
I agree with you all, not enough info to go on.
FF Dison, I am curious because you stated your department uses the indirect attack. This statement and/or comment is physically impossible. So what your saying is you never spray water at the base of a fire? When searching the building and coming upon a room fire, you never just put it out? What you are saying is you locate a fire and then; on purpose; only direct that hose stream at the ceiling above and bank it down.
Remember FETC your talking to a FF with 3 years of fire behind his belt. He's mixed up with what he's saying.
Whoa everyone. This young man is just looking for info even thou he used ambiguity. Let's not slam him, he probably gets that at the fire house. Make him feel welcome and show him that, then mentor him. TCSS
This thread is closed since a few users had nothing constructive to offer other than sarcasm

Generally, several posters have it right though -- there's no single answer (or even just a few) to this question, since it all depends on the situation and a million variables. Please be more specific when posting questions in the forums.


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