what is something unique about you in the fire/ems service or about your department..

--well, i tried to start a post and got a call..so im guessing someone that doesn't like me very well thought they would finish and make me look like a complete idiot...so im gnna try this again!







to be honest I have no uniqueness, i am just another rookie!



now can we make this a friendly one?! lets see! :)

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Never suspected you were one of THEM! LMAO
Hey Brittany, to answer your question we have several things that are unique in our department. The first is that we have a K9 unit, but what is different about ours is that they are not accelerant detection dogs. They are search and rescue as well as cadaver detection dogs.

The other thing we have is that I "speak" ASL (American Sign Language) in both cases we are the only department in several counties that have these resources. But the best part is that we are lucky to not be governed by the you cant play with my toys mentality. We gladly work with departments in our area and they have no reservations about calling us out to give them a hand.
cool! sounds like you have yourself one awesome department!
yeah thats a pretty wild picture if i may so so myself.. but your departments gear sounds pretty radicall!lol
Never suspected you were one of THEM! LMAO

No one ever does.... ;-)
Man - "Hey, this guy looks like he needs a ride"
Woman - "But he has an axe"
Man - "But he's got Bud Light"
Woman - "But he has an AXE"
Man - "So what's with the axe?"
Axe guy - "bottle opener"
Man - "Hey this guy looks like he needs a ride"
Axe guy - "But he has a chainsaw"
Man - "But he has Bud Light"
Our Department runs 3 man ambulances ... Along with true integration, I could show up on an ambulance, cut a patient out of a car and end up going back on the Rescue truck ... it is unique around here
We are no longer allowed to call probationary firefighters probie or rookie. They are New Members, as an older gentleman took offense to being called rookie. I'm not a fan of it and lived through it no problem. Hell, I still get called Junior from some of them, but I tend to stay out of the politics of it, so I'll stick with our SOG's on that one and called them new members.
thats kinda weird!! i think its pretty cool to be called a probie or rookie its the point of being mature and a firefighter
That is weird .... We have hired some 45yr old guys and they still have to wear the Green Flash on there helmet that says Porbie .... along with not being able to sit on the Leather Couches and Chairs ... Ahh brings back memories
yeah, we're a small vollie department. I was a little taken aback from that, but we deal right?

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