Here is my warm and fuzzy Christmas List (same as last year, and the year before, and the year before ...):
1) I wish everyone would use extreme caution when doing holiday-type things (or common sense would be appreciated ... even a wee, little, bit would be nice)! People - you do NOT have to lose your minds during this brief period of time!
2) I wish people would not forget they are cooking something! Only acceptable excuse is dementia patients; beyond that? Nope! Well, okay, if your kitchen is furnished with an excellent, state-of-the-art, foam sprinkler system; go ahead! Your food may have an odd flavor to it, but hey, that turkey will sure as hell be crispy!
3) I wish people would not light candles or sterno, then wander away! Oh, and please, oh please, do not use those lovely paper or plastic decorations around the bases! For the love of God, you idiots, they are FLAMMABLE!
4) I wish people would leave turkey frying up to the professionals ... and, if they are not chefs or firefighters; they are not professionals! 
5) I wish people understood that while fires are very nice in fireplaces, despite what songs and poems say, they do not need to be roaring! If you want roaring, take it outside to a field and build a bonfire (following all proper fire safety protocol).
6) If the weather outside is frightful ... for God's sake, STAY THE HELL HOME!
Safety Officer Scrooge
PS: For those of you who do not know my sense of humor - this is all in FUN! Please take it as such. I love the holidays as much as anyone else, but by this time of year, am losing my marbles and looking for the funny in it all! Merry Christmas to you all - stay safe!

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You know... years ago, and way before I was a paramedic or a firefighter, I had a dream of being a firefighter since I was five years old... My folks used to take me to both LA City and LA County fire stations on open house day. And then came along one of the coolest television shows called EMERGENCY!

I remember wanting for Christmas something from the show. Wouldn't it be cool to get an autographed photo from one of the television show firefighters? Dreams can come true and this includes Christmas wishes if you are patient, do your homework and have a plan that you stick too...

Merry Christmas everyone and remember, Santa's watching!


Glad there were no losses beyond possessions; those are rough enough. Okay, lightbar added to list - just faxed it to Santa!
Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus ... I hear you Eric. It has gone much too far in the wrong direction. A lot of that is due to marketing and media. Let's make a law that says, "no decorating in retail areas until AFTER Thanksgiving".
Here Kitty, kitty, kitty.....
You are so right! And I really liked that show too!!

Merry Christmas to you and yours!


Thanks for the pictoral trip down memory lane... since the memory can't take the trip alone anymore.
You'll love this, My first fire Chief in Westminster Co. was a huge "Emergency" fanatic, it was obvious from my first day on the job. The department had a replica Squads and Engine 51's, all models used on the show. In fact, my first engine was a '76 Ward La France, first Med unit was the Dodge 1 ton, the old big model.
After seeing Chief France's Christmas wish and the Christmas wrapping ...I've thrown all mine out to wish for what he's wishing for.
Oh please Santa, I've been a good Chief this past year, been re-elected for another and this would really make this year the BEST year ever.
I'll worry about telling the wife after this wish comes true.
Merry Christmas FFN Members
Heather and Firewriter,my two darlings may I make a might not want to throw some of your threats around because there may just be a certain someone in the pages that would take both of you and take you back to school for a few lessons.And if you get tooo cocky my darlings maybe you be in the classroom together at the same time.Just sayin!!

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