I know that sounds stupid but i really don't know im new to this type of work and still learning.
I have heard that term a few times but im lost HELP lol. Thank you in advance for your reply's.

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They are fire fighters whos job is to secure the scene at calls and to direct traffic on other calls.

The best thing to do is look up fire polices sites and see what their mission statments are.
Fire police at our company are actually under the control of the local PD but as Turk182 states they are there generally to help with traffic control and if there is a need we also use them for crowd control.
Turk and Asst.29 are correct on all accounts. It depends on your areas definition. Here in my department fire police are guys that don't want to be or can't be interior and they don't want to do the exterior as far as dragging hose lines and fighting the fires from outside. These guys and gals are there to help control the crowds at calls and to do traffic control (ie. direct traffic at fires and mva's). This is a good position for the older people that want to volunteer but don't really want to fight the fires. They help at the scenes in so many ways. Our guys are really good and they help direct members and apparatus into the scenes as well. Very, Very important job, fire police....
Fire Police thats someone who's 60-80 years old who likes to yell at cars. Just kidding! Fire Police perform a valuable service of traffic control / scene control in many smaller communities.
it is to secure scene and handle traffic when needed
Harrison....I hate to disagree with you....BUT... after 9-11...Fire Police regulations changed...They ARE now considered "Peace Officers" and need to be sworn in and forms sent in to the Dept of Justice for registration purposes....Yes, although strongly discouraged due to liability issues, they do have authority to "arrest"...You may want to check your regulations as I am sure that every State is a little different. No, they cannot carry firearms (Maybe that would get people to slow down and listen to them...? )...They can be a very valuable resource if your departemnt is wise evenough to utilize them and NOT classify them as geezers that can't do the job anymore....Stay safe....Keep the Faith....Paul

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