I have a small shop in the Pocono Mountains of PA where I make Fire Department STUFF... My latest project is over 500 Accountability Tags for 15 Kentucky Fire Departments with 69 Trucks. www.AccountabilityTag.com

What I am looking for here is NEW ideas for Accountability Products by asking what is working for YOU? I have seen the Cow Tag Systems and even talked to a guy who made a System for about $25.00 after getting a quote from me. He used Aluminum Bar Stock cut into 2 inch chunks and drilled a hole in one end. Used a hammer and a Number Punch to mark the numbers and a lable machine for the Firefighter's Name. For a Accountability Board he used a Wally Mart Dry Marker Board with Coat Hanger Loops.

He was Happy and His Department got a Working System and that is what counts.

I am trying to get ready for the May PA Fire Show and developing new products to display. I already have Glow in the Dark, Anaodized Alumimum, and Formica Tags in the works. I have a Laser Engraver, Rotary Engraver, Color Sublimation Printing Equipment and a Vinyl Cutter. So I can make some interesting stuff.

I am making Epoxy Domed Accountability Tags that are very durable.

SO if anyone wants to post pictures of what you use for all to see and me to LEARN that would be GREAT. Or send me pictures via email. digitalwoodshop@aol.com

I know there are some Bar Code Systems and RF Systems on the market but that is beyond my capability. I could print the barcode but not make the reader.

This is a really GREAT website...


AL www.AccountabilityTag.com

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we have pic ID tags
Do a search for "Accountability" and you'll find pages of answers including a few pictures of tags that are used.
My department and three other local departments have the same accoutablity for our daytime AMA calls we run. its a two-tag system we have a green tag we hand the officer on the truck hen we get in the apperatus to respond when we get there the officer on the apperatus will hand the green tags to the accounability officer on scene along with the white one with the apperatus' classification and number. when doing operations wearing an scba we have a red tag we hand the accountibilty officer at the staging area before we do any work with our packs on
AL I like some of your products. Good looking stuff, I will email you for some samples as I like your tags. Word of caution with pushing your products through threads and blogs on FFN.

That is a no no from the webchief, his advertisers pay.

Thanks for the heads up on pushing my stuff. I would like to turn it into more of a education for me. I won't post any more pictures and will look into advertizing.

I would love to see pictures of the styles of tags so I can offer other styles.


Our Comm Center did something like that..it lists all of our traning on the back...
I see most Fire Departments doing there own thing and the color shows the qualifications. Listing all qualifications would be a good idea too. I have only worked with one department at a time in the past. With the Kentucky Project one guy setup a system for the County and 15 Departments at a time.

This has been an education reading all the posts about Accountability here. It is a topic that has been posted many times over the years.


par tags that are velcro under the brim of your helmet and when you come on duty you take one place it on the driver door of truck or dog house, and another goes on the driver or the CPT, depending on what engine you ride that day, once on scene the IC gets it and places it into what ever division team you are in on. every so many minutes into the scene a par is called to re-identify and make sure all personell is accounted for.
Thanks Brandon,

Question? The Tag has the HOOKS on the back and the Helmet and Boards have the Fuzzy Stuff Correct? I want to make some Hybrid boards with Clips and Rings and Hook and Loop for a local Fire Dept that uses Hook and Loop and I think that is what I saw.


Thanks, The Pass board has the hooks or loops on it? I am thinking the Tag has Hooks on it.

Question? If you enter a building who does the tag go to?

This is what I use for Building Door Entry boards now. I was going to put strips of Velcro Loops on the back of a board like this. The last picture, I shipped the 3 inch rings earlier.



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