What do you think about using your lights in your pov when assisting a stranded motorist?

Where i live we are allowed to run lights in our pov but no siren.I was driving down a busy interstate by my house the other night and saw a vechicle on the side of the road with it's flashers on.So i pulled over to see if i could be of assistance and an edlery lady had a flat so naturally i offered to change it for her.I went back to my pov and fliped on my lights(rear strobes) to make ourselves more visible because it was a very narrow shoulder.A cop pulls up(my ex girlfriends dad)he dose'nt like me since we broke up.And tells me using my strobes the way i was using them is illegal.And if i don't turn them off he's going to take me to jail.I tried to explain to him what i was doing but he didn't want to hear it.So i guess my question is what do you guys think about using your lights in this manner?And have you guys done the same thing before?And also was the cop out of line?I think he said that because i broke up with his daughter.One more thing i also explained this to my chief he was fine with it.He said better to be visible than dead.

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If the actual law doesn't prohibit it and the dept does not care, then I don't see a problem
If you have them, use them. Whats the big deal
Yeah I would have done the same thing. In fact I've done the same thing I would check state and local law on that. If the LEO was in the wrong consider taking it to the Chief and have him deal with it. If it is illegal than that should be something which needs reversed.
I'd use them..

And I'd make a complaint to the police department.
I use my lights that way all the time and no one's ever had an issue with it.
True that Cap! Safety first!
Been doin this for years and never had a problem. Just a week ago came up on a accident and advised PD of scene and directed traffice until thier arrival. They said thanks and I went home.
first off laws are unique to your state so I can't address the "legal" aspect. Secondly I don't have any interstate highways within 80 miles and I can see things may be different in those situations. However I have done what you did dozens of times in our area (2 lane rural roads) , I always call dispatch and let them know I am out with a stranded motorist but have never had any problems. If I felt we were operating too close to road and couldn't move it further off , I would have done teh same thing. And yes the cop was out of line. even if it was illegal all he should have done is told you to turn them off if he felt they might cause more problems then they solve. Frankly he should have thanked you for taking your time to help a perfect stranger.
The Cop was a ass, good thing you didn't marry his daughter, you would have lived
in hell for ever, plus I would have turned his ass in. We don't need cops like that
up holding the peace
hey man i think that we should be able to use them in that cause because it add's more security to us.
I have a question like this i was gna post too, and figured to just add it to here and not start new. If you came upon a wreck in another departments jurisdiction, whether they have been dispatched or not, if they are not on scene and vehicles are still in the road would you turn on your warning lights, or not. I have, but I question this because one time a Captain with apparently Few brain cells, told me I was in the wrong, and went to me chief and everything. Naturally by the time it got to my chief it sounded like a killed someone, but once it was cleared up with my chief and the chief whos territory it was in everything was fine. However, I will mention that before it was cleared up, I came upon another wreck at night in the same territory, on a blind curve DID NOT turn on my light just my 4-ways, and was rear ended by the very guy who yelled at me to begin with. His Insurance Loved him, haha. I just dont see it as that big of a deal, just to be seen. But i suppose if a cop says no, you would listen.
I would have done the same and have done it. For future, look up your states motor vehicle code and see what it says. He was being excessive with the threat of jail. At most it was a non-moving violation and should be a citation.

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