For all the full time firefighters out there how do u like your job? i have been praying and thinking and have decided to obtain my degree in firefighting and fire sciences. I have also thought about getting my EMT/paramedic certifaction while i am at it. I would just like to here what some PROs have to say about it.

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I can smell another bitchfest about your use of the word "pro's"
Kid this discussion has been raised time & time again on this web site. I know, that I have address this topic, myself, once b4. Yes I think U should get Your degree. Yes I think U should obtain the highest level of Medical Training that You feel like obtaining. If You r only 18, I know 4 a fact that most departments will not hire you until You, until You reach the age of 21. So since You still have another 3 yrs, b4 YOU r able 2 b hired. Why Not & go ahead achieve the highest level of education (no matter what the degree is ) or get your emt-I/ paramedic, while you have the time 2 wait. Why settle 2 get in2 a paid department that might only promote those with the highest level of training / schooling, when You have None. If You get onto a paid department with No schooling, it is not guarantee that they will let You off shift to obtain the schooling or medical training that You so call desired. Now a days, Most Paid departs. will make give You a time period to pass your emt. Or won’t even be considered 4 hire you unless you already have it. I’ve been on a paid department 4 almost 9 yrs, & I have my 4 yr degree in criminal justice b4 I got hired & achieve my EMT-I 7 yrs after I got hired ( I did not 2 obtain any medical cert‘s, but choose 2 on my own). Now, Every new guy on My department, must obtain their EMT-I within 18 months 2 keep their job & have at least a 2 yr degree to put in for promotion or sit out 4 least 7 yrs. Not only that, whenever I can, I take the opportunity to go to a fire school 2 get the training & the experience, on a class whenever it is offered. So Yes; Us “Pro’s” r telling U 2 get the schooling (both college & medical), while U r still young, eager to do it, & while it is less stressful, b4 U commit 2 get hired onto a fulltime department!!!!!!!! AND Dontcall Me Pro-----C Webb Will do jst fine!!!!
Where are you at? dept. down here regularly hire ff under the age of 21. EMT-P would def. be helpful for most dept. All of that would.
"For all the full time firefighters out there how do u like your job?"

No we all hate our jobs, thats why we're here to b#tch about it, just kidding Whit, I wish you the best in persuing the greatest job in the world.
I think you are right the bitchfest as you called it is not far from happening.
i figured my use of grammer would stirr thangs up... but i went ahead and used them anyway. and thanks for the replies. o and by the way i do know that u have to love your job, cause u sure as hell dont do it for the anyway be safe and try not to bitch to much.

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