Just wondering what does everyone use for a color for the warning lights.

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Here in Holland, our firetrucks have red/blue and orange for some occasions, it's "universal" in Holland.

We personally as volunteers are not allowed to have lights :-( (having them would make getting to a call a lot easier though!)

Only 'official' vehicles have lights..

If I get a call it's just how traffic is,..and we aren't allowed to cross the speedlimits.
We run red on the left and blue on the right with white intersector lights on the light bars, Red and blue strobes on the back of the older units and all red strobes on the newer and refurbished units.
We use a combination of red and blue. There was some discussion about what lights were allowed by law, and a Travis County Sheriff Deputy looked it up and emergency vehicles can run Christmas Lights on their vehicles if they want.

Of course alley and take downs are white for obvious reasons.
one engine is all red with one amber on the back, other engine is red all the way around with two white strobes on eack corner of the front bumper, tanker red all the way with 2 amber on rear running board, 2 brush trucks with red all around and stobe pack in corner lights and tail lights, serice unit/first responder unit red and white with strobe back in corner lights
pov = white,yellow
App.= red,blue,yellow,white
my std is red plus white front facing (with auto shutoff on white per NFPA) and then Blue on right rear (instead of NFPA -amber ) Amber is OK for cautionary use only. Not for blocking right-a-way. I found that most drivers ignore the amber (in our state amber is construction and lots of contractors) so they have limited use and provide NO Safety. Having 1 Blue is useful in that many cops run red and red/blue so folks think they might get ticketed if they don't slow down or stop. Having said that only about 1/2 the fleet matches this std completely and cops are starting to change in some areas. Frankly, NM needs to adopt a std for fire, ambulance, police and enforce the one for wreckers. No std for POV's in my dept since we don't run lights on POV's
mine are all red and blue ..lucky to live in a state that allows us that privlage ....people usually get out of the way for red and blue unlike other colors
In Ohio,it's red and whites.....with amber at the left rear for apparatus.For POV's,it's red and white,(any,rotators,strobes,LED's)360 degrees with sirens (both run together).
Stay safe!
ours in SC are red white
My POV has a Whelen 9000 48 " combination LED/strobe Red and White lightbar with Red and White wig-wag grille lights...wig-wag bright lights...4 corner quick flash LED's.....and a LED dash quick flash RED......full 4-way 120 watt siren with PA and traffic device (traffic light) control activation on the wail function.(and folks still do not pay attention over the radio and cell phone....LOL).Defensive driving is a MUST people! Don't rely on the fact that You have lights or siren in ANY state!....Always be aware of the fact that YOUR safety comes first!!! You need to get to the station or scene in one piece to do anyone any good !!!! When responding.....Everyone needs to be safe !!
ky lights are clear and red for fire and ems blue for popos
The chiefs run red lights and sirens members run blue lights all fire trucks run red lights with a red and yellow light on the back corners


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