How do you see them in the line of fire? What are your opinions and veiws?

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I have seen good and bad firefighters in my career. Men, Women, the Unknown type??? Anyway, like everyone else has said, do the job and be the job and you are a firefighter, no matter what type of deodorant you apply after washing off the soot...
Both women and men think that the opposite sex looks sexy in the gear. I don't understand it. I dig it when tradition is broken most of all. That is why I favour equal rights. If we didn't change 'tradition' we would be still using horses...remember? and we would be carrying water by hand and washing our clothes with rocks...

I sincerely regret any bias you are shown, or is forced upon you. I have chatted with many people up here in Alberta and there (on both sides of the sexes) are no complaints informal or otherwise.
Well, there is no comforting answer, I guess. We all are firefighters. That is all I can say. Improvement is obviously required. How can we improve?
NOT necessary true, but I get the gist of what your saying. (LOL)
I personally have no problem working with female ff/ems personnel. My wife is on the same department as me and one of the best partners I have ever had on the ambulance was a female. I believe that as a whole we should start accepting female ff/ems personnel. If you have chosen this as a profession then you understand the dangers. That is just my humble opinion though.
I dont want anybody covering my ass that doesnt have the strength or composure to save me. I dont care whether a woman or man.
Diversity would be a positive.
sex gender should have nothing to do with their ability to lay their life on the line for others .
I don't see the gender....I see a Firefighter.........
There should be no distinction between men and women firefighters. When I joined the department, there was no difference between myself and a male firefighter; we were put through the same training and I'm proud to say that my department voted me onto the line NOT becuase of my gender but because of my abilities as a firefighter.

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