Admit it, everyone is scared of something. For me? Thunder. Not lightning, just thunder.

I have had some close experinces with lightning, but its the thunder that terrifies me.

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I fear, after ALOT of thought, ignorance and arrogance. I fear the lackluster tenacity of those in power to hold someone accountable for actions, both good and bad. I can't say that I fear any physical thing. I live my life to it's fullest each moment that I can. Lightning, although I don't really fear it, would be of moderate concern to me. Thunder is so the blind people have a sudden urge to use the bathroom too... sorry, not pc I know but still a lighter side of your fear.
Ha. At least you did not say the color red or boots....

Seriously showing up at a major accident or incident with my family, especially my children involved. And heights told chief when I got on I would go under, around, or in a building on fire, but had no wish to go on one.
Heights. I knew this would be a problem in the fire service, but heights are a killer - especially when it involves a ladder. I have done plenty of roofwork and am comfortable climbing them and getting onto a roof, it's getting off of the roof that kills. Mediocre heights like a story of two is fine. But one time I went on a tall commercial roof for training that had a slippery, slick roof (plus it was wet out). We were all sliding around on the top as it was, so getting onto the ladder to get down was extra scary.

Extremely Confined Spaces. Some people can't handle closed spaces to the point that they won't wear a SCBA mask. The mask doesn't bother me, doing low profiles and reduced profiles don't bother me, and I can take certain small spaces like closets and whatnot. It's the things like the tight tunnels that bug me. I saw a video on YouTube of a guy going through a tube doing a low profile the whole way. By the end the guy had to wiggle his body to get through - he couldn't crawl any longer since it was so tight. Feeling bound to the point I can't move my arms would make me go insane.

Fish. Yes, fish. I don't know why, so don't ask. They've always bothered me. I will NEVER touch a fish, let alone eat one. They're cool as pets, but that's as far as I go. Maybe I had a bad experience with one when I was a child. Who knows?

Death of a loved one. I guess this is obvious, but it still haunts me. I haven't lost a parent or a sibling, but I have lost a very close friend and other family members. It hurts terribly. I fear the day that one of my immediate family members pass away or one of my close friends (again).

That I am such a great driver. I am afraid that no one will be able to keep up with my skill level of driving, so the United State will implement a ban because I drive too good.

That's all.
what my chief thinks
Guys who are afraid of Republican controlled legislatures. (Too hard to pass on that one.)
I am terrified of heights.
I've found that the most effective way to deal with and eradicate a fear is to face it.
I was extremely frightened of heights when I first joined the fire service, at age 16. When I found out early on, that I would be required to scale a 35 footer that was held straight up, and come down the other side, I realized it was either get over it, or drop out. Dropping out wasn't an option to me, so I faced the fear and got past it, being able to easily climb the 100 foot aerial from the next town, as well as performing all the roof ops at fire school. I was later able to walk around the parapet of the fire tower, which was only the width of a cinder block.
I used to spit and watch the wind change the course on its way down.

I my case, facing the fear of the wife only makes matters worse.
Believe me, I've had thirty years of it.

Lightning scares me because I've seen what it can do, and there is no way to control it.
I'm fine if I'm inside. It's just when I'm outdoors without any protection that it spooks me, but it's just a reasonable fear, not a phobia.
Okay, yes the lightning scares me. Thunder, just reminds me of what is coming (lightning). Biggest fear, hum, that is a tough one. I have a few things in life that worry me, but fear would be admitting I am powerless of overcoming the thing that scares me. I know that sounds weird, but for me, it is either I am scared and press on or afraid of it, and never get past it. Lightning, I have to deal with, as a weather person, I have to observe it. So I just press on. I guess without further rambling, that is how I have learn to just move on.
my fear my guys not trusting me ! that will never happen !!!!!!!!!!my little baby meeting an ass hole !rrrrrrrrrrrrrr
Im not afraid of the dark, Im afraid of wats in the dark :D
A year ago I'd have said heights, I even went to the extreme of taking up sky diving to get over it. Didn't work, loved the sky diving but still sh#t myself getting out the airplane!
Then a year ago my daughter tried to commit suicide - that's when I found out what real fear was.
Not doing all that I could have done on a fire call.

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