I may have posted this before, but I can't seem to find the original post, so if I did I apologize.

Anyway, our department has recently purchased a brand new rescue and are taking requests from anyone interested in an older rescue. And yes, we're donating it to one department.

You can see the truck and some spec's right here.

Take care!
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Let me know. The contact us form is having some quirks, so just leave out the phone number and it should come through
Hi! Our department has been looking to start a quick response team we are looking for a rescue truck!!! What do we need to do to make this happen?

First take a look at it on our site and then go to the contact link and let us know why you think the truck would best serve your department. At the moment my form is having some "issues" so just ignore the phone number portion of the form.

Honestly at this point it sounds as if the chief, command and trustee are going to ask for some short 1 page essays on why your department is deserving of the truck. So be prepared for that if it does happen.

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Got and have sent it on to the command personnel. One of the captain's is familiar with your area apparently and understands your situation better than most.

Best of luck buddy!
email sent, I think you guys are great for trying to help other FD's that simply cant afford to purchase a vehicle.
After posting this on here and Firelink.com I'm seeing more and more of that. Some are in dire need while others could use it, but aren't in a desperate situation.

I wish everyone the best of luck and I think the committee has their work cut out for them.
That's what the volly service is all about isn't it? Giving of yourself? So why not give to another department?

I have received your submission and will be forwarding it on to the command personnel.
Hello being from a small rural dept it is an outstanding thing you are doing. No our dept does not need one. But you see so many trucks sold to junk yards and such from auctons ect. It is a shame that deseriving underfunded depts do not get this chance often enough. Used fire trucks are often a god send to many who have little but are out there 24/7/365 no matter what. Again hats off to you.

Thanks for the compliments! It's a great feeling to know that in this day and age when everyone is struggling that we can help others in need.

One of our older pumps was sold (at a very good price) to a local department years ago and it's still in service. It's kind of entertaining and a proud moment to be at an incident and see that old bird still kickin' it like she was brand new.

So again, thanks for the compliments!!!

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