What are you guys using for webbing? I have about a 10 foot piece tied in a loop with 2 carabiners.

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I have a 25ft piece with a knot on each end big enough to fit over a halligan bar and two nonlocking carabiners. I also have a 20 ft continous webbing made by rock n rescue. I store my webbing in my right turnout pant pocket (pocket has a nice devider) with 2 extra locking beaners. I stuff my wabbing the sameway we stuff rope bags.
You may have a tough time deploying that webbing from the daisy chain if you're in a hurry, in heat and smoke, and wearing fire gloves.

It is easier to deploy if you carry the webbing stuffed into a turnout pants pocket in the same way that you stuff rope into a rope bag.

That may be true but, Once it is deployed it will strait and untangled.
If you can't deploy it due to a tangled daisy chain, it won't be either straight and untangled, and it won't be deployed, either.

The simple pants pocket stuff job usually gets the webbing out straight and untangled, it is a very fast way to deploy the webbing, and it is easy to do while wearing firefighting gloves.
Just picked up 22', 1" tubular w/2 locking biners at the NYS cheifs show in Verona. Going to use it as a loop w/waterknot stored dbl daisy chain with one biner attached, stored in the pants side pocket for now. Just finished FF Survival and saw several excellent applications including bailout. The concern about pocket deployment being the only easy rapid deployment seems to make great sense and I will try both with zero visibility and full PPE to see for myself.
so have you been trying both?? "stuffing" it like a rope bag works but the double up daisy deploys cleaner for me.....
I use a 9' loop with a screw gate biner for a swiss seat stored in my right pants pocket, and a 20' straight section with a small water knot loop in each end big enough to fit an axe handle along with a auto-locking biner in one of the loops.

As for storage, the way that always works best for me is having my 9' loop in the front part of my pocket with the carabiner clipped to the edge of the pocket, and the 25' section carabined to the back edge of that pocket.
The loops is just stuffed in there, and the 25' is rolled like they show on VES.
I carry 2 sections of webbing, both tied in a water knot and one has a carabiner, My first dept I worked for used the webbing as a rescue harness for victims, by simply looping it around the body and pulling it up thru the legs and taking it thru the other loops to make a drag harness.
Dave, I am an engine Lt. I carry, 75ft of 7mm rope, with a carabiner attached, I use it to pull tools/hose up to another floor, for room searches in a warehouse/heavy smoke type situation. I also carry a 6ft loop of webbing that is use to pull/hold hose with, tie hose/ladder/snozzles in place. I carry my own flashlight and a small back up. Door chocks, extrication gloves, leatherman, lumber crayon (to mark searched rooms), window punch, 2 1/2 hose gaskets for stand pipes, medic scissors and a Channel Lock rescue plyer. Be prepared, train hard.
I carry roughly 20-22 feet of webbing in my right hand bunker pocket. Right side because I'm a righty and I carry some rope on the left side. That way should I become trapped and I cannot access one side or the other due to injury, etc. I have access to the side that I am able to use ( try this: gear up and imagine yourself in a Mayday situation that you can only move one side of your body due to injury or being pinned, etc. can you access your webbing etc. by reaching with your available hand to the other side of your body and get yourself out ? ). something to think about. I do set my webbing up by looping it and tying it with a water knot and safety knot and attached a rated NFPA carabiner to the end. I have noticed that by hooking the carabiner over my pocket edge I am wearing a small whole in the gear.
Do you carry the rope in a rope bag ??
i carry mine on the right side as well with the carabiners clipped to the out side of my pocket.

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