Do you consider it tacky or unprofessional to wear another department's t-shirts, etc. during leisure time? (ie., FDNY, Boston)

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The only time I wear a department tee outside of the station is when they've become faded, torn or otherwise not suitable for the station. These I'll wear when I'm working on my house, I might occasionally make a run to the grocery store or lumber yard, but that's pretty much it. Mostly they're somewhat raggedy and usually paint stained.

On the other hand, if a vollie is around and available to make calls, I see nothing wrong with him or her wearing their (clean, neat) department tee. Essentially they're on call and to me nothing looks more unprofessional that seeing a bunch of vollies on a call, standing around with their coat off and they look like they were all rounded up from the streets and pressed into service. Hell, have a little pride, throw a dept. tee on when you make a call. Head banger, "I fight..." and your favorite pro team shirts just don't send out that professional image. It's funny but I'll see people wearing their department tees everywhere (with pager and radio) but if I pass a working job, seems everyone standing around are wearing everything but their department tee. Go figure.
If you guys think it is tacky then why do you have shops and set up stands and sell them for other people to wear,I just don't get that at all.That takes me back to the firefighter dick thread that everyone was up in arms about.If you don't want people wearing them don't sell em.I can see if you were at a scene with someone elses dept. shirt may look kinda strange to the rubber-necker but 99.9 % wouldn't second guess it but to think it's tacky is one of those things that people just need to start an argument with.Seriously does it really matter while off duty or do the bunch of you guys just like to get everyones feathers ruffled
Thank you! I couldn't agree more.
Idon't see a problem with it,lord know's i have alot of t-shirt's from other department's.
I agree with guys who have said it's a sign of respect to wear another department's shirt. I've done it a few times. You can tell right away if someone disapproves. You just have to use common sense. Our department frowns on outsiders wearing our shirts, though, for liability purposes. We don't want someone to pretend to be a member when they're not and do something irresponsible while they're wearing one. Also - Just remembered...I was wearing a neighboring department's shirt one time (years ago) and we got a call. That caused some confusion on scene because someone thought I was with the other department. That was a bad move on my part. I won't let that happen again.
My fiance and I were both vollies at other neighbouring departments before we signed up with our current department. We've both worn t-shirts from our previous departments to training sessions with our current department, as have other members that have served with previous departments. I just look at it as a nod to where we've come from and marks us for what we are (most of the department crests around here are pretty similar and the front ones are small, so unless you're 2 feet away and looking for the department name, most people don't notice). we're currently waiting for a new order of shirts for our current department, and when they come in, I'll wear my Sydney River shirt with as much pride as I do my Coxheath VFD shirt. As for wearing department shirts from other provinces or countries, I see it as a mark of respect, but I agree with many of the other posters here; if a person's going to wear it, they'd better wear it with respect.
If your going to be drinking and getting stupid off duty, wear a Police Dept. tshirt.
Or an Indy Fire Dept shirt

No...I don't think its a big issue long as your not pretending to bea member of that department, or a fire fighter.It was amazing how many folks ran around with NYFD shirts after 9-11 and they have never seen a fire! I believe it should be a great thing to swap shirts from hall to hall, county to county, as in my case ! We're all doing the same job right?
Off duty? Wear what you want. Just try and avoid doing anything stupid in them. On duty? Why would you want to wear another departments uniform?
Being in the fire service and understanding the LAFD while growing up in that area. I am 100% positive the members of the LAFD would not apprieciate someone wearing one of there t-shirts while working for other agency. Secondly they would be out right furious if someone wore one of thier t-shirt to a bar and then drove home intoxicated and used it to brag thier a firefighter to a police officer.

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