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Wow, you just step right up there and jump -to what can only be described as delusional- conclusions.
Yeah again, who are you addressing, sometimes a name would be handy, just so people know who it is that you are venting at.

What does "I;v" mean? (Or were you just giving Mike an easy one?)
Whatever do you mean? ;)
That ain;t right.
greivous grievous

You sure "Educator" is the word you were looking for?
He'll get back to you when he's finished researching all your (unedited) posts.
Fingers crossed I get a decent passing grade. is called a typo (1). I would NEVER enter a structure with someone like you (2). Lastly, you are a geek who clearly spends all his time trying to outwit people and piss them off on this website (3). GROW-UP(4). Go learn something smartass!


Why don't you and West Philly enter a real firefighting discussion and stop touching one another!

Where is this latent anger coming from? You really need to chill a bit. Or is this a jersey thing also?

1) Unless I'm mistaken, a typo is typically a mistake, one letter transposed for another, such as when you typed perosnality but clearly meant personality. Don't be so harsh on yourself, we all make typos.

2) You don't have a clue about me so for you to say that you wouldn't enter a building with me really shows your lack of judgment and quick to jump to conclusions; not a good way to be on the fireground.

3) I'm really not a geek, I'm very well rounded and socially adept. What you see as me trying to outwit people is simply me expressing my opinion, not unlike you do with your rather charming way. If someone gets pissed off it's not my fault, clearly people's identities must be tied up in getting everyone to agree with them. I really don't care if anyone agrees, it's just my opinion.

[don't know how you were taught, but this is where I would write, "lastly" as opposed to you doing it in item 3 and then you went on to item 4. Are you really a teacher?]
4) I learn something new almost every day, both on the job and off. I like to think that college had something to do with it but I work to keep an open mind. The smart ass comment, although considered a personal attack here on FFN, is something I'll give you. I am on occasion one of them.

[All upper case is akin to yelling, why are you yelling? Are you that insecure?]
Baby bullshit? Explain please.

Typically foundations (at least concrete ones) don't burn. You'll learn that if you take firefighter 1.

Hack? Sigh...another personal attack. What grade are you in (student I mean, not as a teacher)?

WP and I have participated in a lot of fire discussions here. Speaking for myself, I enjoy these types as well, fun to exchange thoughts and opinions with other thoughtful, intelligent firefighters. You can jump in too.

WP and I are too far apart (among other things, geographically) to be touching each other (not that there's anything wrong with two guys doing that).

Boy, you kids in jersey really have some kind of attitude. Must be all proud and worked up with that jersey shore TV show. You go, girl!
There are definitely people in this discussion that could use a little of both of the things depicted on that shirt! Or maybe the problem is they have never had any of either! Keep'll realize who I am referring to...

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