These are the times when you sit and think. You think about the times when you run so much that you didn't have time to even catch your breath. Then you get to thinking about the calls in specific, you wonder whether or not you could have done something different, something faster or better. As you listen to the stations near and far get toned for things like smoke in the area, or alarms that you can bet are going to be false. It's times like these that make you reflect on your training also. You think about how you can use your training. Its always good to see how a new tactic can help you, but as you think about this you can know that when the tones drop for your station you will be ready to run out the door. But remember this as you run out the door, don't trip over your own two feet trying to get somewhere in a hurry. This usually gets a person in trouble because now your rushed and you have tunnel vision all you can focus on is getting to the scene. If you feel the Tunnel vision take a second and catch your breath and focus on the proper procedures.

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Eventually waiting on the pager will fade, and you will realize we get paid the same to do nothing or run our butts off.

It is not our emergency...
very well put
all we can do is be careful and not get bullheaded like most guys do.every firefighter knows that if an ordinary person has a bad day they can just hope tomorrow will be better,if a firefighter has a bad day somebody could get hurt or all of my brothers of FFN please be careful,take your time,just be safe.

-Medart Vol. Fire Department Station 5,Florida
The more you train and drill on things such as scba and even extrication the more doing these tasks become automatic so your less likly to have your brain turn to mush on a call. Train with your guys so that they know each others moves they know what needs to be done and do it But dont put them in a situaton you wouldnt do yourself

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