Let’s Talk VEIS and ladder placement.  

This works most efficiently i have found in a 3 man crew. 

1 or 2 man ladder throw (3rd FF is masking up)

Ladder is thrown, FF #3 makes entry. FF#2 masks up while #1 foots ladder. FF #2 makes his way to the top of the ladder to standby and assist if needed. 

With VEIS I always start with the simple acronym. 

Vent (the window)

Top down ventilation, breaking from the top down, removing the sash and clearing ALL glass

Enter (the structure.... that means going interior)

Sweep below the window to check for victims, SOUND the floor!!! A controlled decent into the room! 


this is the most important part of the whole system.   You have to ISOLATE yourself from the flow path.  That means shutting the door to the room.  Even if you come across a victim first. You ISOLATE the FLOWPATH first! 


A quick search of the room. Use your reach to your advantage! Under the bed, bunk beds, closets!

A Thermal imager (TIC) is a huge game changer in VEIS! 

Use that thermal imager before you enter the room to find the door, bee line to the door and isolate! Use it to get a quick layout of the room.... Don’t rely on it to the search for you though.... get in there and search! 

Share the love on the thermal imager! Most companies only have 1 TIC per apparatus. Don’t be a TIC hog!  Consider wrapping the tic around the top rug of the ladder using a lanyard so the backup firefighter can monitor your progress and orient themselves to the room! 

Last is ladder placement. 

ladder tips just below the window sill!!! Makes your life way easier during egress and victim removal. 

Ladders are not set up for ventilation outside of the academy! 

Consider this. 

1(2)4       14 foot comfortably to the (2) floor

2(3)4.     24 foot to the (3) floor

3(4)5.      35 to the (4) floor. 

Know your bedded ladder lengths! 

Most 24 foot extensions are 14’ bedded.

Most 35 foots are 16’ bedded

Stay Safe

Tyler Prater

St. Louis, Mo

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