Our department is considering purchasing Ipads for all Battalion Chiefs and up to assist in scene management as well as use in daily oerations. Does anyone else currently use Ipads or other tables daily on the job? Also does anyone have any apps they would suggest using?


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The service I belong to is trialling them right now.

They had a custom app built for the purpose. I've only fiddled with it a little bit and don't know it intimately, but from what I can see, we can log our turn out, on scene, job clear times, all other details (locations, residents/owners, car rego's, etc) straight into the app which automatically upload into our online reporting system.

It also features an interactive map to provide directions to the scene, etc.

It looks pretty good- am waiting for feedback from the trial....
The Ipad is not a good fire service tool, unless you plan to only use them in the direhouse
or in the training class room. They are not made to survive the fire ground.
Have your admin look at the tough books. We use them in Indy the military also uses them.

When I was serving computers on fire apparatus were just being introduced.  We had specially made, super tough computers ( you could supposedly drive a truck over them!) and still they took a beating.  An iPad is not designed to last more than a couple of years under normal DOMESTIC use, no way will it survive life on a fire department.

Maybe the iPad concept is ideal for fire dept. apps but it would have to be an industrial strength device and I don't think anyone is brave enough to try making one with Apple in such a litigious mood these days.

The ipad/iphone platforms are becoming more and more prevalent in the fire service. Apps like "iPAR Fire" and a lot of others are starting to gain popularity.  In addition, you have Software providers like "FireHouse" and similar existing fire department and EMS programs getting in to the ipad market. There are lots of ways to protect them (LifeProof, OtterBox Armor Series, Liquipel...). They shouldn't be strapped around a Firefighter doing a primary search, but at the disposal (in the cab) of the Company Officer or in the hands of a District/Battalion Chief.  With that said, nothing is firefighter proof (especially a pen and paper).

Has anyone used the iphone app TCA commander or the ipad appicommand yet? what do you think about them?

We have a lot of nice comments about the usefulness and simplicity of our new iPad rapid sim-builder training app, SimsUshare. Essentially, you take a photo and add smoke, fire, explosions, or leaks, to enhance classroom instruction, tabletops, or promotional exams.

Like I said in another thread, we are using Extinguish MDT on iPads and iPhones. It's meant to be a first response app, but it's also just a good system to manage our preplans and hydrants. You can map and organize your hydrants right from the app.

We use the otterbox cases on them and haven't had any problems. But, even if one broke, you can get like 4 iPads for the price of one Toughbook.

There was a time when I would normally agree that the iPAD is too fragile for our business.  Have a look at lifeproof.com

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