Two Fla. Teens Steal Firetruck Attempting to Flee a Juvenille Diversion Program

WEST SUMMERLAND KEY, Fla. -- Two 17-year-olds fled from a juvenile diversion program at a Florida Keys campground in a stolen firetruck.

The teens have been arrested and charged with grand theft auto.

Authorities say a Camp Sawyer counselor called the Monroe County sheriff's office Monday morning to report that the teens were missing from the site on West Summerland Key. Deputies then learned of the missing Big Pine Key Fire Department truck.

The boy, who were only wearing underwear, were caught 90 miles away.

Sheriff's Office spokeswoman Becky Herrin says she can remember of police cars being stolen, but this is the first case of a stolen firetruck.

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Let me get this straight...the kids were in their underwear...and they thought they were incognito? Then they choose to steal a bright red, repulsively titanic, 26 thousand pound vehicle in order to make their "get away"? I hope the authorities do something smart and take away the pipe!
Stupid!!!! Sounds like a lot of community service needs to be placed on them at that station! I would assure you, they wouldn't steal another one!!
Usually if you steal an emergency vehicle you can get charged with terrorism because no one is going to ask why a fire truck, ambulance, or police car at a building
Not the first time i have heard of kids stealing firetrucks. but al least they were dressed
Ahh dumn teens. LOL Not too long ago a juvie that was doing community service tried to take an engine from a positive pressure fan while we were on a call!!! Took it off the service truck and had all the mount bolts off just not the shroud. I feel that juvies have no place doing comminty service in a place when they can not be supervised at all times. We only have two men on shift at a time and when a call comes in we have to leave so what do we do? We are not a baby sitting service, lol. Well I know that it is not an engine but dang. I would like to know more on this. You know the hows and such. Help me out if anyone can please. Thanks and be safe everyone!!!!
Wow that its messed up.
A couple of months ago a guy stole an ambulance from a hospitol. he then drove it back to his house. Now at the time the ambo's did not have GPS to track where the ambo's are. Now they do. The guy was charged with a federal crime and some crime involving terrorism.

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