well we had the jr meeting tonight and we all moved our gear from one end of the building to the other... almost every person was missing sonething we just thought it was misplaced... then the firefighters who help us showed up and while we were in the meeting one of the firefighters had all his gear stolen from his truck at the firehouse. idk if the two things are related or not, but wat i really wanna know is who would steal turnout gear? anyone ever had an issue with this?

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I had all of my gear stolen out of the back of my pov in a locked tool box. This person/persons used something to pry my tool box open and the only thing that they took was my gear bag. It took about two months and then we found who did it and got the gear back. The gear was worthless after but we got it back.
why would someone wanna steal gear though? wat can they do with it if not ff personnel
This person used it at a party just to be cool he put the gear on and stood in a fire that they had. Your guess is as good as mine. I don't why anyone would want to steal gear.
this is one of the stupidest things ever? the ff is apparently a hard to find size and has no gear to wear until they get the new ordered
Pretty much all I can say is keep your eyes and ears open it might take a while but it will turn up. Someone will talk sooner then later. But that really sucks I was lucky I had a spare set of gear. Maybe talk to other depts in your area and see if they have a spare set that you might be able to use till the new gear gets here. Just a thought!
he's short and wide, so its like a 56 but 30 inch tall. u have to special order it
Some people steal things just to steal them. Keep watch on eBay, your stuff might show up there. Good luck, stay safe!
Never had it happen but I know of a kid who said his dad was a Captain at a big city dept. and that this dept. was getting rid of surplus equipment. He was selling brand new helmets, hose, and anything else you wanted. The Chief got suspicious when the kid said he had a thermal imager that he would sell to the dept. He contacted the local sherriff's dept. and set up a meeting with this individual. When he got there the sherriff was there waiting on him. He confessed to stealing all of the equipment from numerous depts. and told them he had filled his grandmother's garage. When they investigated it they found that he actually had enough equipment to start his own dept. minus the trucks. I don't know what happened to him but I'm sure he got what he deserved.
Sorry to hear about the stolen gear, but on a side note is a guy who wears a size 56 pant really in the condition necessary to be a firefighter?
well just by looking at him i wouldnt think so...
but he is
weve had problems with people stealin things out of gear, i.e. flashlights, hand tools, chew, cigarettes. but never a whole set of gear. and askin around at other dep for an extra set of gear isnt a bad idea. i know that most of the dep in our county have extra sets.
I hate to even suggest this but if you have a full set of turnouts, irrespective of where they might be from, you can turn up at pretty much any incident, anywhere and claim to be from whatever Department and ask how can I help?

If you have all the gear they will probably assume you are genuine. Why wouldn't they? You then have the opportunity to create mischief or more. THINK ABOUT WHAT YOU COULD GET AWAY WITH !

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