ok i know i posted a similar one in relation to the condition of female firefighters turnout gear but this one is more geared to juniors in general.
is your gear not your size or already worn out?
does this interfere with your trainings?

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ok... well my turnouts are almost as old as I am. When I was on Watson Chapel Fire Dept. I asked if I could have a set for training, and that's what I got. They're in good shape, but the coat is a little tight, and they're black, so this Arkansas heat KILLS me in the Summer time.
it all depends on the brand, and the most important, a good fit. my last set lasted me 11 years, i took good care of it, and only had one repair from an auto extracation. i've been issued brand new G extreme, i love it, the collar stands up nice, and i have thumb hole cuffs. i had to order my own gloves, cause the dept. issue ones suck, and they did not want to pay the extra 8 bucks for something better. so just do your homework when its your turn to order and get stuff that will fit how you like it.
we are not allowed to wear gear on calls i dont know why but we do have gear for training and my is ok but a little to long for my coat and when i bend over it is kinda hard to
i absoultely love my set of Globe G-Xtreame, the company bought it for me right after i completed Firefighter 1 boot camp ... you just gotta put up with what they give you because as an explorer/junior you really dont need the latest and greatest thing, for a lot of companies its all they can afford, im just lucky that my company has the things it has ... but back to the post, they shouldnt give you stuff that dosent fit in the first place
Yes i am the smallest and it is to big
My jacket i got almost 2 years ago and it doesnt fit it way too small in the arms and lenth.
i have needed a new one forever and i am still waiting

it is from the 1980's is older then me lol
well my gear is treated fairly. we dont get regular turnout gloves but i anit complaining. i got my gear last night and the first thing i said was " your going to have a hard time finding boots. i wear a 13W medic boot" we found 11W the feel fine so far. it fits great and is a big help with training
standard inseam lenght is 29 inches. Now try having a 36 inch inseam. well lets just say I will never wear the bottoms off by walking on them LOL
My gear is brand new. We recieved a grant and all the juniors got new gear.
my turnouts brand new now but when i joined it was old. Truthfully the company should be buying new gear every 7 years or so. But most companys cannot (mine). So you get what they have it shouldnt interfere with your training at all it shouldnt be that old.
Hey Jessica, The wrong size gear can interfere with your training. on our dept. we have a 6 month probation. The firefighter is issued a set of black gear in great shape. We have lots of sizes so they try on til one fits. If put on the dept. after the six months they get a new set Globe G- Xtreme in thier size. Gloves can be a big problem if they our to big.
The wrong size gear can definitely interfere with training. Just try working with gloves two sizes too big or a coat 6 inches too long. I know you can't buy new gear for every recruit, but you have to keep safety in mind when you are outfiiting a firefighter for work or trainig. I know getting gear that fit correctly made a huge difference to me.

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