i'm looking for some idea on training props. we already have a wall breach prop, and a window bail out prop. i'm not sure what i'm looking for, so tell me what worked, or didn't work, for you. thanks

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in the classes I have been taking for FF2 we have used a variety of props, all have been helpful, we have an entire house that one of the instructors owns that we use for ladder training as well as primary search and rescue, we also have a prop for denver drills,hose lays,confined space, roof ventilation, at another training area they have a set up they call the cans from hell which is used for forcible entry, search and rescue, entering with hoselines, scba training, I don't think that we have used any props that i would call bad because anything that helps you better understand your traing is good
Do you train with sprinkler wedges? Here's a fun, and wet prop to play with. Not to mention realistic. Get some metal piping that is the same as used for sprinklers. Have a 1 3/4 hose hookup at the bottom and have on verticla pipe with 4+ "arms" at the top (about ceiling hight level) and attach sprinklers to the ends.
Run your pumper for pressure and use a ladder to reach the sprinkler and set it off with a torch, then have fun putting the wedges in and have it so it's not leaking. It's fun to do 2 at a time, like a race. You can get old, unused sprinklers from the guys who do sprinkler upgrades and servicing. Recommended for summer use.
could you please tell me more about this "cans from hell" it sounds very interesting.
this sounds great, i'm going to have to build one!! thank you!
they are two rail container trailers that are stacked one on top of the other with movable obstacles inside along with stairs inside and out, there are a couple of window cutouts and three doors one on the top floor and two on the second, it also has a third part set up as a third floor on one end and a confined space area on the other. it is at the Standard Fire Department in IL. I had a blast doing training in them and was very happy when it was over cause it is intense because everything you do in there is blacked out. They also have a cut out area that is just for a smoke machine for that added degree of difficulty, not to mention the smoke machine they put upstairs so it gets really smokey for quite sometime
if you need more info on it still let me know and I will get some contact info for the Standard dept and you can ask them more
The coolest scba training simulator I've ever seen was built by Draeger. Check their website to see if there's any info about it. It was 2 levels with openings to drop through and a 12-foot-long pipe that required teamwork to get through. Best scba training ever!
contact info would be great. i was throwing around the idea of a tower, but this sounds cheaper and more fun. thanks for all the help.
thank you, i will go check out the website.
i forgot to mention, we also have a "smoke house" that is an older trailor home that someone donated. we get hours of great search and rescue and rit training out of it.
do you also use a smoke/fog machine in it as well?
yes we have a large smoke machine which fills up the house well. zero visiblity is always fun!!!

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