What would cause you to quit?

In some cases, it is the politics of a fire department.

In others, it might have been a particularly gruesome call.

And still, it might be the demand on your free time.

So again; what would cause you to quit the job that you love so much?

I have a blog on it. Go here: http://www.firefighternation.com/profiles/blogs/time-to-get-out


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I have been thinking about that question for weeks now and I am torn.

I have been chief for little over a year now and it seems that I went from one of the guys to Parent over night. I have to listen to the crying over this ones mad at that one and this one boyfriend/girlfriend has left and the constant asking have you seen such an such and how long were they here and who with.

I love helping the community and fighting fires but the baby B.S. is getting really old and no matter how many times they are told not to bring it to the fire station it always ends up there. They are now trying to drag other members into their drama and its getting bad for morale and I am even hating walking in the building now because you do not know whats going to happen next.

I mentioned the other day about quiting or dropping down to a regular fire fighter again and was told if I do either that half the fire fighters at the station would quit affectively killing my department because they are the ones that go to calls and do what needs done.

So I kind of feel like I am stuck between a rock and a hard place over it. And the bad part about it is it seems to be one female that is causing the problems but has not done anything to break the by-laws yet. so we are stuck with her for now. And it is getting to the point were I feel all used up when it comes to the baby games.
It's real simple; if ONE is causing the problem, then deal with the ONE. As long as there is no violation of any labor contract, then your firefighters are at will and can be sacked for any reason or NO reason. Granted; it's not the "preferred" method, but you have a department t run and it is being subverted by the goings on of a drama queen.
If she has other willing participants, then put them ALL on the same work detail and I mean WORK. Let them know your displeasure and politely explain how to get on your good side again.
And as far as the ONE? If her behavior is detrimental to your authority to run a tight department, then yes; you have every right to kick her or him off of the department.
It's a fire department; not a high school prom.
Some people are just natural born buzz kills. Whether it's their immaturity or deeper personal issues, anything that disrupts your mission statement shouldn't be allowed. Maybe you've lost sight of the forest for the trees; time to start some selective thinning.

It defies logic that a person that is (wanted to be) Chief would let the cry babies run you out. You took the job to be Chief of Department and your priority should be your mission statement. You can't answer calls with broken down equipment (you could but it would be dangerous and inefficient) and people that can't get along and play well in the sand box are nothing more than broken equipment. It's your job as chief to fix it. Even if that means selling it to the junk yard for scrap.

If half the department would quit if you left (or demoted yourself) and they are the ones that actually make the calls and do the work then I'd take a long, hard look at the other half of your department and start thinning the herd.
Thanks for the advice I think it is probably coming to that with her and probably soon. Things were running smooth at fires and training until this start with her. I think I knew this was coming but was trying to avoid losing anyone if possible.

You and Art are both right. I have to deal with this problem head on and get it over with and I should have realised it when I started dreading walking into my own fire station. Some times it just takes talking to people to realise what you knew you had to do in the first place.

Good luck and don't let the tears and tantrums sway you. Sounds like a few people never learned what the word NO means.
Stay safe, stay low and swing hard.
My response is on the blog post...

The politics are just as bad in the paid ranks as the vollies just remember we are all in this smoking pile of $%!& together. It is only as good as we make it.

Watch your brothers back, and lend a hand when it is needed. Thats what we are supposed to stand for.
The question of when it is time to hang up the coat is a personal decision that is different for everyone. While I love the fire service my first and foremost priority is my family followed by church & work. I've been lucky enough to have served for over 16 years so far and hope to continue on for another 10 years or more.

What would make me decide to get out? Well, I've weathered through some tough political wars over the years and managed to survive them so I think I could withstand the next storm that comes through. I've lasted through several changes of administration, different budgetary situations, changing demographics of our town, changes in business & industry, getting married and having kids.

I think that I can adapt and adjust to almost anything, but the two things that would persuade me to retire would be family & ability.

Family has to be the most important part for almost any person. If I found that my wife & children were adversely affected by my being on the department I would have to consider stepping down. They all make sacrifices with my time and are willing to do so, but if they started having trouble dealing with daddy being gone all the time and missing all their events I would have to reevaluate my life & priorities. There is a delicate balancing act for volunteers. We have our full time jobs and then try to squeeze in all the fire dept time we can. Families can definately suffer from that.

Ability is the second factor. If I find that I can not physically do the job and that can or cause harm to my fellow firefighters I would have to step down. I can not let my own ego get the best of my and my team. I have to be willing to recognize the signs of deterioration and accept the fact that my abilities have changed. Ability also has to do with the emotional and psycological components of a person. We deal with the worst of the worst sometimes and if it ever gets to where it is taking such an emotional toll on me that it is affecting I would have to consider the ramifications on me and my dept. The last thing I would ever want to do is put my fellow firefighters in jeopardy.
I don't know what it is, but every time FireRescue1 features my article on their Facebook page, I get this: http://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/posted.php?id=8722202938&sha...
Art, Look whats going on here. Professional management skills are being offered on line to people in leadership positions who may or may not ever read it. Usually we elect those by whom we want to lead because they have proven themselves as compitant personnel. Then they become Top Dogs and we find that management skills were not one of the criteria we had used. Surprise!! Surprise!! Experiences confirming great members becoming mediocore managers are everywhere. We all have to take those skills as seriously as we take any of those others we may require of officers. And attending an ISO 300 class has little to do with everyday realities of management. Why am telling you? I'm singing to the Choir Master. Maybe someone else will read this. Thanks for your time again. Pete
At another website where I posted the blog, an Orange County Chief said that if reading a story about a good save makes you feel good, it is "amateur thinking".
His reply is EXACTLY why I wrote the blog.
What his attitude demonstrates is narrow mindedness, because that is the only cited quote from the blog.
AND it would appear that he retired ON THE JOB many years ago. Now, he is simply collecting a paycheck and points for retirement. Going through the motions if you will.
He described, in his opinion, what happens if you give your heart and soul to the job.
He ended by saying that "it's just a job".
Bitter man, he is.

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